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Muscular System Part 1

Identify the statement concerning general functional characteristics of muscle that is true
None of these statements is true
Identify the statement concerning skeletal muscle that is true
It is responsible for locomotion
Which of the following actions is caused by contraction of skeletal muscle?
Moving your feet in walking
Smooth muscle and cardiac muscle are similar in that they both
are under involuntary control
A fasciculus
is a surrounded by perimysium
Endomysium is a delicate network of loose connective tissue that
surrounds each muscle fiber
Concentric is contractions that occur when
the muscle produces increasing tension as it shortens
Muscle astrophy
a characterized by a decrease in muscle size
extension of arm uses what muscle
protection of heart uses what muscle
organ and vessel constriction
Smooth muscle
moves food through the digestive tract
smooth muscle
A muscle produces constant tension causing tension causing a skeletal part to be moved through a range of motion
isotonic contraction
Action potential frequency is high enough that no relaxation of muscle fibers occurs
A muscle produces tension, but the length of the muscle is increasing
eccentric contractions
A muscle produces an increasing tension during a contraction without changing the length of the muscle.
A muscle produces increasing tension as it shortens
concentric contractions
muscles that do not involve joints
skeletal muscles
The sternocleidomastoid muscle extends from the mastoid process of the temporal bone to the sternal medial clavicle. When both sternocleidomastoid muscles contract, the head is flexed. The end of the muscle connects to the sternum is the
When you "pull your tummy in" and compress your abdomen, you use the rectus abdominis, external abdominal oblique, internal abdominal oblique, and transverses abdominis muscles. This is an examples muscles working as
The brachioradialis is named for it's
origin and insertion
Contracting the right sternocleidomastoid muscle would
rotate the head toward the left
which of the following muscles of thr chest has the insertion on the humerus
pectoralis major
which of the following muscles moves the scapula?
teres major
which of the following muscles is part of the rotator cuff?
teres minor
Rotator cuff muscles
all functions to rotate the shoulder
extends and laterally rotates the arm
raising your arm to shoulder level is accomplished almost entirely by the
all of the follwing muscles are rotators of the arm. Which is a lateral rotator of the arm?
teres minor
The anconeus works with the triceps brachii to
extend the forearm
which of the following muscles extends the forarm and has its insertion on the ulna?
Triceps brachii
Which of the following is fond in the posterior group of forarm muscles?
abductor pollicis longus
The muscles of the anterior group of forearm muscles are primarily
which of the following muscles flexes the wrist?
flexor carpi radialis
A muscle that extends both the wrist and the index finger is the
extensor indicts
of the following muscles of the forearm, which one rotates the forearm to turn the palm upwards?
the extensor pollicus brevis moves the
the thnar muscles are involved in controlling the ____; the hypothenar muscles control the ___.
thumb; little finger
In order to put on a glove, the fingers are abducted by hand muscles called
dorsal interossei
when a person drums their fingers on the table, they would be using which of the following muscles?
extensor carpi radialis longus
The muscles of capital extension are stretched and tom, this would result in an injury known as
tennis elbow
What muscle is it that covers the head of the humerus and glenoid cavity?
What muscle covers the back and scapula?
AThe pectoralis major
What muscle reaches down the back and lines with the ribs?
Serratus anterior
A very ridgid line down the medial side of the humerus, tendon like
What muscle that makes up the triceps and is two different levels
biceps brachii
What muscle elevates the scapula
Levator scapulae
What muscles rotates and protracts the scapula?
Serratus conterior
Latissimus Dorsi
protracts the scapula
Flexor of the forearm
Point of muscle where the action occurs
The most stationary end of the muscle
Muscles that work together to cause movement
Muscle that does most of the movement
Prime mover
What muscle makes up the side of the neck?
levator scapulae
What muscle makes up the medial part of the back by the spine?
Rhomboid minor
What muscle is below the Rhomboid minor?
The rhomboid major
What muscle is below the scapula?
The teres major
What muscle is the wide and thick part of the back?
The latissimus dorsi
Which of the following is not found in an muscle fiber?
Muscle tissue, blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic tissue, connective tissue
Lymphatic tissue
What is repsponsible for depressing the ribs for expiration?
internal intercostals
what is not true about the trapezius muscles
it inserts on the coracoid process
which of the following is NOT an action of the Biceps Brachii
it does not abduct the shoulder
what muscle is responsible for bending the elbow with the forearm in a extended position?
What muscle doesn't have it's origin at the common flexor tendon?
flexor digitorum profundus
The pronator quadratus muscle is located
at the distal radioulnar joint
What is the lower muscle on the humerus in the anterior view?
The teres minor
the higher muscle on top of the humerus
which muscle lays right above the shoulder inbetween the acromion process and coracoid process?
What muscle runs on the front of the armpit?
what is not true about the flexor digitorum profundus?
it's a superficial forearm muscle
What muscle lays acros the forearm that is the shortest muscle?
Pronator teres
What is the muscle right under the pronator teres that is the largest in the anterior view
flexor carpi radialis
The big medial muscle that is right by the elbow?
the muscle that's tendon that reaches each finger?
palmaris longus
What muscle is on the back of the arm that flexes when you do curls?
flexor digitorum superficialis
The tendon that connects only to the wrist
flexor carpi ulnaris
inflammation of the common flexor tendon is known as
medial epicondylitis
Big meaty muscle by the thumb is called?
abductor pollicis brevis
Mucles that lays across middle of the hand
flexor pollicis brevis
Little muscle by the thumb
adductor pollicis
Muscle by the pibnky
abductor digis minimi
What powerfully flexes the thumb?
flexor pollicis brevis
abducts the thumb
adductor pollicis
has a transverse head and an oblique head
abductor pollicis brevis
abducts the 5th digit
adductor digiti minimi
adducts the fingers
palmar interossei
assists to "cup" the palm
opponens digiti minimi
flexes the 5th digit
flexor digiti minimi brevis
abducts the fingers
dorsal interossei
extends the 4 medial digits
extensor digitorum
flexes the fingers at the McP join