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a type of literary or artistic work


a work of literature that is created from the imagination, not based on fact


a work of literature that is based on fact or true experiences


a written account of a person's life


a written account of a person's life written by that person

realistic fiction

a made-up story that could happen in the real world, with characters and settings that are true to life

historical fiction

a made-up story that is set in the past during a particular time period, the characters can be real, based on real people or made up

science fiction

genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the future


imaginative tales that require readers to accept story lines and elements that cannot be true (talking animals, magical creatures, magical lands)


a genre of literature that is written to be performed by actors on a stage

folk tale

fictional tale about people and/or animals; tells how the main character deals with everyday events


a short story that teaches a moral lesson, often has animals as the main characters

fairy tale

a short story, usually for children about elves, hobgoblins,fairies, or other magical creatures


a traditional story, which may describe the origins of the world or people


a story that is supposed to be historical in nature, but there's no proof that it really happened

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