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  1. neo-, ne-,
  2. ortho-, orth-
  3. pan-, panto-, pant-
  4. phon-, -phone, -phony
  5. oligo-, olig-
  1. a right, straight, correct, true; designed to correct
  2. b all, every
  3. c new, recent, current, young
  4. d sound; voice
  5. e few, small; abnormally few or small

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  1. memory, to remember
  2. like, resembling, similar to, form
  3. city; method of government
  4. fear, extreme fear of. morbid fear of
  5. feeling, sensation, perception, suffering

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  1. mono-, mon-one, alone, single


  2. pneumo-, pneum-, pneumon-lung, breath


  3. morpho-, morph-, morphic-shape, form, figure


  4. philo-, phil-, -phileconsume


  5. onomato-, onom-, ono-name; word


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