Test 2 Mod 3

Proper coding can mean finanical sucess or faluire of a Medical Practice
All diagnoses that effect the current status of the patient may be assigned a code
It is possible for the primary diagnosis and the princible diagnosis to be the same
Diagnosis that relate to a patients prvious medical problem that have no bearing on the patients present condition should _______ when coding
A. handle according to specific insurance guidlines
B. include
C. exclude
D. disclose
C. exclude
Why is the correct sequence of codes on an insurance claim important
A. To make the chronolgy of patient care events understood
B. To make the severeity of disease understood
C. It is not important as long as the correct indicator is used for each line of service
D. Both A and B
D. Both A and D
What is the consequency when a medical practice dooes not use diagnostic codes
A. It effects the physician's level of reimbursement for impatient claims
B. Claims can be denied
C. Fines or penalties can be levied
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
Which of the following are examples of diagnosis-related proceducers
A. New patient and established patient visits
B. Imaging services and cardio
C. Locqal and general anesthesia
D. Histology and pathology procedures
B. Imaging services and cardiovascular services
What is the table that contains a classification of substance for identifing poisoning states and external causes of adverse effects
A. Table of drugs and Chemicals
B. Table of Neoplasms
C. Table of Hypertension
D. Table of Morphology
A. Table of Drugs and Chemicals
A patient is being evaluated in the office for an anterior cruciate liagament (ACL) tear. Which term should NOT be used to code diagnosis
A. "Suspected" ACL tear
B. "Likely" ACL tear
C. "Rule out" ACL tear
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
Carcinoma in situ is used to describe
A. Metastic cancer
B. A secondary tumor
C. Cancer that is confirmed to the site of orgin
D. None of the above
C. cancer that is confinded to site of origin
Which statement is true regarding neoplasms
A. They are new growths
B. They may be malignant
C. They may be benign
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
In what case should a V code be used
A. Sterilization
B. Hysterectomy
C. Antibiotic injection
D. Dermatitis
A. Sterilization
When the patient is being treated for a condition that has an underelying cause
A. Diagnostic laparoscopy
B. Code only the underlying cause
C. Code first the underlying disease
D. Code first that condition
C. Code first the underlying disease
Surgical laparoscopy always includes
A. Diagnostic Laparoscopy
B. Paracervical block
C. Biopsy
D. All of the above
A Diagnostic laparoscopy
For medical complications of pregnancy, the phyician would report his additional professional services using codes from what section or subsection
A. Medicine
B. E/M
C. Female Genital System
D. Maternity Care and Delivery
B. E/M
When coding a total abdominal hysterectomy with an anterior/posterior colporrhaphy the correct modifier to add to the second procedure would be
A. -26
B. -50
C. -51
D. -79
C. -51
Antepartum care includes:
A Intial and subsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressure, fetal heart tones and routine Hgb
B. Initial and subsequent history, recording of weight blood pressure, feteal heart tones, and routine Hgb
C. Intial and subsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressure, fetal heart tones and routine UA
D. Intial and subsequent history, recording of weight, blood pressure, fetal heart tones and routine UA
C. Intial and subsequent history, physical exams, recording of weight, blood pressure, fetal heart tones and routine UA
The anatomy in the Female Genital system subsection starts with the vulva and progress upward to the
A. Fallopian tube
B Uterus
C. Ovary
D. Perineum
C. Ovary
Incision and drainage of these glands are not reported using Female Genital System codes but are instead reporting using Surgery section, Urinary system codes
A. Skene's
B. Bartholin's
C. Weber's
D. Virchow's
A. Skene's
According to the text, vulvectomy codes are divided based on the ____and extent of vulvar area removed during the procedure
A. Complexity
B. Status
C. Size
D. recurrence
C. Size
Loop electrode excision procedures are also referred as
C. cervical loop diathermy
D. all of the above
D. All of the above
You would expect to code a service for an amniocentesis using a code from the female genital system subsection and a code from the ____section
A. Medicine
B. Anesthesia
C. Radiology
D. E/M
C. Radiology
If a patient has had a previous cesarean delivery and then has a vaginal delivery, the correct code would be
A. 59618
B. 59400
C. 59410
D. 59610
D. 59610
A fetal non-stress test is completed on a 36-week pregnancy. The correct code would be:
A 59050
B. 59012
C. 59020
D. 59025
D. 59025
Artificial insemination performed via intrauterine is reported using
A. 58321
B. 58322
C. 58323
D. 58350
B. 58322
Vaginial delivery with episiotomy and use forceps
Patient presents for a laparosopic salpingostomy
Total prenatal care for vaginal care for vaginal delivery after a previous cesarean delivery and postpartum services
A patient was seen for a fever of unknown origin. List the approbate diagnostic codes for this condition
A patient was diagnosed with diverticulosis and diverticulitis of the colon. List the appropriate diagnostic codes for this condition
A. Urinalysis
B. Urinanalysis
A. Urinalysis- examination of urine
A. dysuria
B. dysurea
A. dysuria - painful or difficulty in urination
A. abcess
B. abscess
B. abscess- collection of pus
B. dialysis
B. dialysis- spew ration of water from blood
A. medulla
B. medula
A. Medulla- inner section of organ
Loop electrode excision procedure
Suturing of uterine cervix
E. Cerclage
Introduction of saline into tubes/ovaries to determine patency
A. Hysterosonography
Cervical dilator
C. Prostaglandin
Vaginal birth after cesarean