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Closed Primary

have to be an official member of a party to vote

Committee on Credentials

decides who can be in the convention


government governs best when governs least, most regulation should be state or local level

County Committee

made up of all Precinct Captains, supervise daily political life of district

Crossover Voting

more in primaries, consider self one political party and vote full slate of candidates for the other political party


President is sworn in on January 20th

Independent Voter

someone who is not a registered member of one party

Left Wing

groups who want more government action


look to government to solve problems, but don't support government takeover


middle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue

National Committee

5 jobs to write party platform, oversee state committee, supervise selection of candidates on national level, fund raising and organize the national convention

Open Primary

don't have to belong to a party to vote in a Primary, but have to choose one party


ability of a political party to distribute jobs or favors (abuse: hiring unqualified people)

Party Platform

all the party's views on various issues

Political Machine

operate at County Level, behind the scenes powerbrokers to pull strings to put someone in office, help people in situations and use voting in return


basic unit, do the grunt work (run polling places, count ballots), Precinct Captain is head

Presidential Preference Primary

only in Presidential Primary, no delegates commit to anyone so an unselected official can be voted in


someone who believes problems of the country can only be solved by extreme measures and require immediate change

Radical Left

all problems can be best solved by the government

Radical Right

anti-communist, denounce any government regulation


person with extremely conservative pol views who favors moving back to an earlier gov

Split Ticket Voting

vote for some Democrats and some Republicans


a very large Precinct

Favorite Son

only gets votes from delegates if it's a brokered convention, gets votes from behind the scenes and is an unexpected nominee


each individual stance, makes up platform

"Balancing the Ticket"

used to select running mate of President who is strong in some area the candidate is weak in


a body of ideas of the world that reflect the social needs, values and ideas of an individual group


trying to arrive at a collective opinion

Direct Primary

all party members vote to choose party's candidate for election

Australian Ballot

ballot marked in secret

Blanket Primary

type of open primary, vote for candidates on an office to office basis, for either party

Runoff Primary

no one gets the majority in primary so the top 2 are selected and another primary is run


person currently holding office

Federal Election Commission (FEC)


Political Action Committees (PACS)

pol arm of an interest group set up to contribute to pol campaigns

Soft Money

money, not regulated federal law, used by pol parties for general expenses

Lame Duck

someone who's leaving office but continues to serve for a short time even though someone has been newly selected


more than half the votes received by a candidate


largest number of votes received by a candidate

"Dark Horse" Candidate

one who receives unexpected support as a candidate for nomination

Right Wing

groups who want less government action

Straight Ticket Voting

vote for all of one party

State Committee

5 jobs to write party platform, oversee county committee, supervise selection of candidates on state level, fund raising and organize the state convention


Chosen in a Caucus, Picked in a Primary, Appointed; applies t becoming part of Precinct, State Committee, and National Committee


Democratic National Committee


Republican National Committee


picked in primary, can be chosen at a state convention, picked in a primary, appointed by a state committee and go to national convention to vote on rules/regulations and the party platform

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