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  1. Radical Left
  2. Independent Voter
  3. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
  4. "Dark Horse" Candidate
  5. Radical
  1. a someone who is not a registered member of one party
  2. b someone who believes problems of the country can only be solved by extreme measures and require immediate change
  3. c one who receives unexpected support as a candidate for nomination
  4. d all problems can be best solved by the government
  5. e .

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  1. a body of ideas of the world that reflect the social needs, values and ideas of an individual group
  2. all the party's views on various issues
  3. groups who want less government action
  4. 5 jobs to write party platform, oversee state committee, supervise selection of candidates on national level, fund raising and organize the national convention
  5. ballot marked in secret

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  1. Consensustrying to arrive at a collective opinion


  2. Political Action Committees (PACS).


  3. Delegatesmiddle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue


  4. Soft Moneygroups who want more government action


  5. Committee on Credentialsdecides who can be in the convention