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  1. Favorite Son
  2. Ward
  3. DNC
  4. Consensus
  5. Australian Ballot
  1. a trying to arrive at a collective opinion
  2. b Democratic National Committee
  3. c a very large Precinct
  4. d only gets votes from delegates if it's a brokered convention, gets votes from behind the scenes and is an unexpected nominee
  5. e ballot marked in secret

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  1. more in primaries, consider self one political party and vote full slate of candidates for the other political party
  2. each individual stance, makes up platform
  3. money, not regulated federal law, used by pol parties for general expenses
  4. someone who believes problems of the country can only be solved by extreme measures and require immediate change
  5. more than half the votes received by a candidate

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  1. Left Winggroups who want less government action


  2. Federal Election Commission (FEC)pol arm of an interest group set up to contribute to pol campaigns


  3. CPAChosen in a Caucus, Picked in a Primary, Appointed; applies t becoming part of Precinct, State Committee, and National Committee


  4. PrecinctRepublican National Committee


  5. Runoff Primaryno one gets the majority in primary so the top 2 are selected and another primary is run