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Film Appreciation

Chapters 1, 2, 4
an unbroken span of action captured by an uninterrupted run of a motion-picture camera
gives movies the power to choose what the viewer sees and how that viewer sees it at any given moment.
cut to a close-up
view the object then close up to the characters face for expression
the last part of a scene grows vaguely darker and fades into another scene.
low-angle shot
shoots the character from the bottom up to give a sense of looking up to that character
cutting on action
designed to hide the instantaneous and potentially jarring shift from one camera viewpoint to another.
main character
implicit meaning
lies below the surface of a movie's story and presentation, is closest to our everyday sense of the word meaning.
explicit meanings
available on the surface of the movie.
formal analysis
analytical approach primarily concerned with film form or the means by which a subject is expressed.
motif (props)
dollies in
camera moves slowly toward the subject
length of time
point of view
camera adjusts to adopt to where the character is looking and what she is focused on.
composes design elements such as lighting, setting, props, costumes, and makeup within individual shots.
elemental system, organized into a series of dialogue, music, ambience, effects tracks.
structured into acts that establish, develop, and resolve character conflict.
persistence of vision
process by which the human brain retains an image for a fraction of a second longer than the eye recordsi t.
phi phenomenon
illusion of movement created by events that succeed each other rapidly.
critical flicker fusion
single light flickers on and off with such speed that individual pulses of light fuse together to give illusion of one light.
concept in film theory literally to mean the process by which an agent, structure, or other formal element, whether human or technological transfers something from one place to another.
interest in or concern for the actual or real, a tendency to view or represent things as they really are
interest in or concern for the abstract, speculative, or fantastic
when movies convince you that the things on the screen people places what have you no matter how fantastic or antirealistic are "really there"
telling of its story
narrative film
a movie devoted to conveying fictional or fictionalized stories
treatment or synopsis
outline of the action that briefly describes the essential ideas and structure of the film.
story conferences
during which it is transformed from an outline into a rough draft screenplay, or scenario
shob by shot breakdown that combines sketches or photographs of how each shot is to look with written descriptions of the other elements that are to accompany each shot.
shooting script
details of each shot and can thus be followed by the director and actors during filming.