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Chapter 4 sec 3 and 4

Joint stock companies

Is very similar to today's corporations


is an economic system based on PRIVATE ownership of property and the investment of wealth to earn profit

Colonization (creating colonies)

was the purpose of why most joint stock companies were founded during the 1500s and 1600s

Columbian Exchange

tobacco and tomatoes were carried EAST across the ATLANTIC OCEAN for the first time

Ideas of Mercantilism

A favorable balance of trade results when the value of the goods sold by a country EXCEEDS the value of the goods bought by that country

Columbian Exchange

Corn and potatoes were carried EAST across the ATLANTIC OCEAN for the first


New business and trade practices in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries took place AFTER the establishment of colonial empires in the Americas

Why did the African slaves increase dramatically in the 17th Century

Islam spread across Africa: and Muslims bought and sold non-Muslims prisoners of war as slaves

The difference between slavery in African and Muslim societies and the Americas

In most African and Muslim societies slaves had legal rights, greater opportunities for social mobility, could occupy positions of power and authority and slaves could escape slavery a number of legal ways. All this was not available to the slaves in the Americas

Reason why Africans made great slaves

Many Africans had built up immunity to some European diseases, many were used for farming,skin tone set them a part and had little chance of successful escape so they were unlikely to try

Nations, continents, or regions that were essential part of the triangular trade network

North America, New England, Northern colonies, or Southern colonies; West Indies or Caribbean Islands; England or Europe; Africa or Asia

Goods that were essential to the triangular trade network

Sugar, coffee, tobacco, slaves, rum, molasses, furs, gold, firearms, guns, cotton

The starting point and ending points of the middle passage

Starting point: Africa (west coast of Africa); Ending points West Indies, North America, South America

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