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  1. Depolarized
  2. clavicle
  3. Skin receptor
  4. cranium
  5. Terminal
  1. a moving in contraction, almost equal distribution of charges
  2. b hypothalamus
  3. c fine thin hair, found on your head
  4. d part of your head, 8 bones
  5. e part of pectoral girdle, collar bones, 2 bones

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  1. many layers
  2. sunlight
  3. adrenal, thyroid, vasoconstriction, and erection of hairs
  4. attach directly to sternum
  5. helps your blood clot

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  1. 12 bones, chest areathoracic


  2. Adipose tissuefew cells and matrix, nonliving materials


  3. Carotenetime it takes for the impulse to reach


  4. False ribscostal cartilage


  5. What destroys red blood cellsallows arteries and veins to pass through