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  1. Subcutaneous
  2. A band
  3. Hyaline cartilage
  4. Axial Skeleton
  5. Cuboinal Epithelial tissue
  1. a cross bridges, H zone
  2. b layer of fat, for protection, insulation, energy, involved in maintaining body temp
  3. c shaped like a cube, in some glands, and kidneys
  4. d central part of your body
  5. e hardest, blueish, equal elastin and collagen. found in your joints, ribs to sternum, nose, and airways

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  1. rings
  2. first layer, nerves, blood capillaries
  3. yellow/red
  4. stronger the contraction
  5. connects muscle to bone

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  1. Nodes of ranviergaps in the myelin sheath


  2. Thermoregulationability to control the body's temperature


  3. PhalangesSacrum at birth


  4. Maintain body heatlayer of fat that covers axon, protection, makes the impulse move quicker


  5. Sternumbreast bone


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