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  1. No nucleus
  2. Bone growth protein
  3. Muscles
  4. Hemoglobin
  5. Skin receptor
  1. a pigment and protein
  2. b released when you break a bone
  3. c hypothalamus
  4. d more space to carry oxygen
  5. e can react to a stimuli, can contract, can extend

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  1. actively dividing cells
  2. muscles and neurons
  3. allows spinal cord to pass through
  4. tiny canals, connect haversion canal to osteocytes
  5. connects muscle to bone

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  1. Pelvic girdle62 bones, hips to toes


  2. Neutrophiles and eosinophilesdo phagocytosis


  3. lumbarmaintain blood pressure


  4. Striated Cardiac muscleactively dividing cells


  5. Polarizedno impulse, relaxation, unequal distribution of charges