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  1. Myoneural junction
  2. 1 fiber
  3. Depolarized
  4. Neutrophiles and eosinophiles
  5. Papillary layer
  1. a do phagocytosis
  2. b many myofibrils, actin, mysosine, troponin (microfilaments)
  3. c muscles and neurons
  4. d dermis, ridges and grooves, fingerprints
  5. e moving in contraction, almost equal distribution of charges

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  1. heat from moving water or air
  2. ischium, ilium, pubis, 3 bones
  3. Red blood cells, carry oxygen, contains hemoglobin, makes your RBC
  4. bones in feet
  5. examples of hibernation and migration

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  1. Axiscarry impulse away from cyton


  2. Tissuesankles


  3. Hyoidsome muscle fibers in each fiber. stay contracted


  4. Scapularpart of vertebral column, 5 bones, back


  5. Terminal branchessend impulse to next neuron, produce chemicals called neurohumors or neurotransmitter