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  1. What destroys red blood cells
  2. Blood 2%
  3. Souther rabbits
  4. Stratum corneum
  5. Axial Skeleton
  1. a destroyed by lived and spleen
  2. b ions, oxygen, carbon dioxide
  3. c large ears, more heat loss
  4. d very outside layer, layer of dead cells
  5. e Sternum

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  1. palms turned up
  2. moving in contraction, almost equal distribution of charges
  3. orange
  4. connects bone to bone
  5. dilates blood capillaries

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  1. Hyaline cartilagelayer of fat that covers axon, protection, makes the impulse move quicker


  2. Tibia and fibulaonly connected to the back


  3. Transverse foramensoles of feet turned out


  4. Abductionaway from the body


  5. Lacunaeouter layer, osteocytes