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  1. Summation
  2. Osteocytes
  3. Aerolar
  4. Heparin
  5. Skin receptor
  1. a anti-collagulate, stop blood clots
  2. b rings
  3. c hypothalamus
  4. d continuous contraction and relaxing
  5. e connects organs to organs; organs to the side of your body, keeps your body up

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  1. metabolism, muscle contractions, hormones
  2. flat one dimensional cells, found in skin, lines the openings
  3. thin and light stripes
  4. produces RBC, produced in long bone marrow
  5. haversion system

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  1. Simplebutt bones


  2. Terminalbreast bone


  3. Cardiac muscleorgan and blood vessels, composed of spindle shaped cells, one nucleus 1 fiber, slow maintained contractions


  4. Tibia and fibulaparts of pectoral girdle, 4 bones


  5. Smooth muscleattached to bones, voluntary, striated, parallel fibers, multi-nucleated