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  1. Sliding Filament Hypothesis
  2. Ligament
  3. Adduction
  4. Cartilage matrix
  5. Life of Red Blood Cells
  1. a back to side of body
  2. b connects bone to bone
  3. c 120 days
  4. d Hurley, what happens when a skeletal muscle contracts
  5. e collagen, and elastin

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  1. help you fight infection
  2. thoracic
  3. dermis, hair roots, capillaries, sense receptors, sweat glands, sebaceous glands
  4. covered by sarcolemma, outside covering, contains many fibers
  5. ectotherm, poikilotherm, get body heat from surrounding environment

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  1. Vertebrae foramenallows arteries and veins to pass through


  2. Albuminmaintain blood pressure


  3. Hairsreduce friction between parts of the body


  4. Warm-bloodedendotherm, homeotherm, make their own body heat


  5. True ribsattach directly to sternum


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