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Racist America Quiz 2

The first democratic nation was written in what year?
1787 (constitutional convention)
Feagin's "Racist America" Looks at which two constructions of race & racism?
Historical & Contemporary
The book uses which dichotomy to view institutional and systematic discrimination?
Black (Subordinated) &
White (Dominant group)
What does systematic racism mean?
The core racist realities are manifested in each of society's major parts.
What was the real foundation of racism?
To create wealth and privilege for those Europeans who stole lands of indigenous peoples and enslaved African labor.
What are the systems of domination?
Race, Gender, and Class in powerful ways.
The systemic rape of enslaved Black women led to what?
Three quarters of "black" Americans having at least one white ancestor.
Being excluded from pull citizenship or full exclusion made people what?
In the early U.S. who had no representation?
White women, African Americans, and Native Americans. This took form of police state.
We can think of this sexual oppression, racism, and discrimination as a system where?
Some people have no "justice".
Who was vulnerable because of their race and their gender?
Native and black women.
Black women were doubly oppressed by the institution of slavery, with no redress for crimes against them.
When slavery ended, racism did not but was redeployed in many social policies as what?
Black Codes. They were substitutes for the slave system, so the exclusion of Negroes from white communities became a substitute for the Black Codes, making discrimination a relic of slavery.
We can think of racist discrimination as what?
a system that reproduces itself for the benefit of the dominant group.
What was an important and divisive issue for the convention?
The trade in, and enslavement of, people
What was at the heart of the constitution?
Protection of the property and wealth of the affluent bourgeoisie in the new nation, including property and those enslaved.
What did freedom mean for the founders?
The protection of unequal accumulation of property, particularly property that could bring in profit.
What is the three-fifths compromise?
Counting those enslaved for the purpose of hite representation.
Article one speaks only of which three persons?
"Free persons"
"Indians not taxed"
"All other persons"- those not enslaved, mainly Africans.
At one 1843 meeting of the Massachusetts Antislavery Society which resolution was adopted?
"Resolved, that the compact that exists between the North and the South is a 'covenant with death and an agreement with hell' and should be annulled."
Historical events reflect and embed the tangible tragedies of everyday life-
The means of concrete oppression and the means of symbolizing and thinking about that oppression.
What is unjust enrichment?
Circumstances that give rise to the obligation of restitution, that is the receiving and retention of property, money, and other benefits which in justice an equity belong to one anther.
What are some key aspects of systematic racism?
-Unjust impoverishment
-Unjust enrichment
FACT- Individuals, whether perpetrators of discrimination or recipients of discrimination, are caught in a web of alienating racist relations.
FACT-The racist system categorizes and divides human beings from each other and severely impedes the development of a common consciousness and solidarity.
Which esteemed founders saw North American Slavery as honorable and a wealth generating business?
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry
George Mason
James Madison