Chapter 7 The Old Testament

Known as Pasch, it was a Jewish feast commemorating their deliverance form bondage of Egypt. It refers to lambs' blood that was sprinkled on the doorposts of the Hebrews so the angel of death would pass over their homes
The fourth book of the Pentateuch, it covers the wanderings of the Hebrews; at mount Sinai, in the wilderness, and on the plains of Moab
A type of sacrifice to God completely consumed by fire (a bull, calf, goat, or turtle-dove) in the Old Testament, resulting in a burnt offering or perfect sacrifice
The fifth book of the Pentateuch, its name means "second law." This was to be read aloud once every seven years as a reminder of Mosaic Law.
The third book of the Pentateuch, it details service to God and rules concerning religious ceremonies, ritual purification, fasting, and holiness for priests and Levites
The first five books of the Old Testament (the five books of Moses)
"First gospel," it refers to the verse in Genesis which points to the promise of the Messiah and redeemer
God's liberation of the Hebrews from bondage in Egypt to the promise land is in the book of _______
The Jewish people or the chosen people of the Old Testament; they are named after the man (formerly Jacob) from whole twelve sons the tries of that nation were named
This contains 46 books of the Bible that record the history of salvation from creation through God's covenant with the chosen people (Israel); it foretells the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ
Old Testament
The Hebrew name for God, held so sacred that Jesus avoided pronouncing it, substituting the Hebrew word for "Lord" instead
meaning "Great House," this was the official title for the ancient Egyptian rulers
The sin against God committed by our first parents by disobeying his commandment. This led to the fallen state of nature which all people have inherited
Original Sin
Reparation for having committed an offense through voluntary action. It compensates for the injustice done
The author of a substantial portion of the Pentateuch is ___________
The fiver forms of proper ___________ according to Moses are holocaust, peace offering, sin and trespass offering, bloodless sacrifice offering, and guilt offering
____________ ___________ explains the fallen state of human nature, affecting every person born into the world; imperfections, suffering, and death all results from this
Original Sin
List the 5 books of the Pentateuch
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
The book of __________ includes ten 10 plagues God visited upon Egypt
The observance of rules for the worship of God, rituals, rites, sacrifices, and community life are detailed in the book of _________
The story of Noah's Ark and the great Flood as well as the Tower of Babel are found in the book of ____________
Moses parts of the Red Sea in order to save the Hebrews from the Egyptian army in the book of _________
In the book of __________, Moses, nearing his own death, reinforces the 10 commandments and reminds the Hebrews of their relationship to God and the covenant he established with them
The creation of the universe out of nothing, including the first man and woman, is detailed in the book of ________
The chosen people wandering in the wilderness, is recounted in the book of _________