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  1. pittance
  2. artifact
  3. definitive
  4. scrupulous
  5. solicitous
  1. a (adj) concerned
  2. b (n) simple man-made object of archaeological interest
  3. c (adj) conclusive
  4. d (adj) extremely thorough
  5. e (n) very small amount of money

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  1. (adj) concealed
  2. (n) one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
  3. (n) the attribution of human speech or feeling to an inanimate object
  4. (adj) after death
  5. (n) leading position in a trend or movement

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  1. disconsolate(adj) hopelessly sad


  2. taciturn(adj) laconic


  3. wane(v) give up voluntarily


  4. waive(v) give up voluntarily


  5. vaunted(adj) boasted about