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Gene Technology-Cloning

vocabulary terms
genetic engineering
the direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes
Recombinant DNA
DNA made from 2 or more differnet organisms
Restriction Enzyme
any of the enzymes that cut nucleic acid at specific restriction sites and produce restriction fragments
agent that is used to carry the gene of intrest into another cell
a circular DNA molecule that is usually found in bacteria and that can replicate independent of the main chromosome
Gene cloning
many copies of the gene of intrest are made each time the host cell reproduces
techniques that uses an electric field with in a gel to seperate molecules by there size
radioactive or fluroescent labeled RNA or single stranded DNA pieces that are complementary to the gene of intrest
Human Genome Project
research project that linked over 20 scientific labortories in 6 countries
solution containing all or part of the virus
DNA Fingerprint
pattern of dark bands on a photographic film that is made when an individual's DNA restrictions fragments are seperated by electrophoresis, probed, and then exposed to an xray film
Transgenic Animals
Animals with forgien DNA in their cells