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APUSH Unit 2 Chapter 7

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1775 outside of Boston, British troops marched on Lexington and Concord to confiscate weapons. "Minutemen" and British fired on each other as British march back to Boston (26 miles) think Boston Marathon.
When did the American Revolution begin? Where?
England tried to keep hard currency in England. They passed laws that restricted trade for the colonist, the colonist would be arrested for breaking the laws.
How did the economic policy of "mercantilism" impact the British and the colonist?
Most colonists were moderates who wanted to compromise, but events like Boston Tea Party and Massacre which Sam Adams used for propaganda pushed the colonist toward Independence.
How did radical patriots like Sam Adams push the colonies to war?
They needed money to pay for the French and Indian War. The colonists were upset with the Stamp Act, they boycotted and rioted. Boston Massacre and Tea Party are examples.
Why did the British Government begin to tax the 13 colonies? How did the colonist react?