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The Cell Cycle

The region labeled A in Figure 9-1 is called the
The structures labeled B IN fIGURE 9-1 ARE CALLED
sister chromatids
During which phase(s) of mitosis are structures like the one shown in Figure 9-1 visible?
prophase and metaphase
Which event occurs during interphase?
The cell carries out metabolic processes?
Which of the following is a correct statement about the events of the cell cycle?
Interphase consists of G1, S, and, G2 phases
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomres line up along the middle of the dividing cell?
One difference between cytokinesis in plant cells and in animal cells is that plant cells have
a cell plate
What is a malignant tumor?
a mass of center cells
Which of the following is NOT a correct statement about the events of the cell cycle?
The cell grows during the G2 phase
When during the cell cycle is a cell's DNA replicated?
S phase
Which of the following is a phase in the cell cycle?
all of the above
The stage of cell division in which a cell divides into two daughter cells is called
mitotic phase
The cell cycle
series of events that cells go through from "birth" to reproduction
The two main stages of the mitotic phase are called
cytokinesis and mitosis
Which of the following is a phase of mitosis
The first phase of mitosis is called
Cancer is a disease in which some cells lose the ability to control their
rate of division
Unlike mitosis, meiosis usually results in the formation of
four genetically different cells
During metaphase, each chromosome is connected to a(an)_________.
spindle fiber
During _________, the nucleus and the duplicated chromosomes divide and are evenly distributed, formiing two "daughter" nuclei
The processs shown in Figure 9-3 is called the_____.
cell plate
The process shown in Figure 9-3 occurs only in ____ cells that have divided.
Look at Figure 9-3. The process shown occurs directly during mitosis. This process is called
A cell that has 5 chromosomes in the G1 phase will have ____ chromatids in the G2 phase.
Together, the G1 phase, S phase, and G2 phase are called ______.
In the disease ____, the mechanisms that normally control the cell cycle
How does cell reproduction cintribute to repair and growth?
When you are injured, your body produces cells that heal the wound. All of the growth of your body is also a result of new cells produced by cell reproduction.
How are homologous chromosomes alike? How are they different?
Homologous chromosomes are similar in size and shape. Each one contains the same sequence of genes controlling the same inherited characteristics. However, the two genes may be slightly different versions.
How many sets of chromosomes are in the diploid cell?
Two(2) sets of chromosomes.