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Blood Quiz for A&P 2

the kidney
the process of lymphopoiesis goes on in all of the following organs, except
the most abundant proteins is blood plasma are
presence of specific glycoproteins on the cell membrane
a person's blood type is determined largely by the
a typical adult hematocrit is around
5 to 6 liters
The total volume of blood in the body of an adult male is approximately
heme molecules lacking iron
The waste product bilirubin is produced from
four iron atoms
each hemoglobin molecule contains
all the above
Bill wants to determine his blood type, so he takes a few drops of blood from a puncture wound in his finger and mixes it with various antisera. His blood cells agglutinate when mixed with the antiA but not with the antiB or anti D this means
less abundant than lymphocytes
which of the following is not true of neutrophils
her hemoglobin is normal
Mary is tested for the amount of hemoglobin in her blood. the test results indicate that her hemoglobin level is 16 the value indicates.
during a bacterial infection you would expect to see increased numbers of
are large phagocytic white cells that spend most of their time outside the blood as fixed and free phagocytic cells.
platelets are pinched off from giant multinucleated cells in the bone marrow called
injections of vitamin B12
pernicious anemia caused by a lack of intrinsic factor is specifically treated by
increased erthropoiesis
an obstruction in blood flow to the kidneys would ultimately result in
during periods of fasting
the level of erythropoietin in the blood would rise due to all the following except
involves a cascde of reations leading to the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
red bone marrow
in adults, the only site of red blood cell production and the primary site of white blood cell formation is the
a gene for adult hemoglobin is abnormal
the disease sickle cell anemia is an example of what can happen if
all the above
when a person who lives at sea level vacations in the Rocky Mountains, you would expect
R atrium to tricuspid valve
to R ventricle to pulmonary semilunar valve to pulmonary trunk then pulmonary arteries to lungs to capillary beds to exchange gases to pulmonary veins to L atrium to mitral valve to L ventricle to aortic semilunar valve to aorta to capillary beds of all body tissue then back to R atrium via Inferior or Superior Venae Cava.
begin blood pump with R atrium
ventricles are in diastole
Which events below does not occur when the semilunar valves are open.
visceral layer of the serous pericardium
This membrane covers the heart
to prevent cells from separating gap junctions for ion passage
intercalated discs of cardiac muscle
reinforcement and anchors heart
skeletal tissue of heart
closure of the heart valves
normal heart sounds are caused by what event
both aorta and pulmonary trunk
which vessels receive blood during ventricular systole
isovolumetric relaxtion
the second heart sound is heard during which phase of the cardiac cycle
coronary sinus
the enlarged coronary vessel outside the heart that empties blood into the R atrium is the
pulmonary and aortic semilunar valves
valves that have no chordae tendineae attached
coronary arteries
the source of blood carried into capillaries in the myocardium would be the
commotio cordis
Contusion of the heart, often caused by a blow to the chest and cause heart failure and sudden death, because the heart is re-polarizing
contraction of atrial heart muscle
relaxation of ventricle heart muscle
pump blood with great pressure
the left ventricle is thicker because it has to
foramen ovale
structure in the fetal heart that allows blood to flow from the r atrium directly to left atrium
papillary muscles
small muscle masses attached to the chordae tendineae are
when the ventricle is in systole
the tricuspid valve is closed
has gap junctions that allow it to act as a functional synctium
compared to skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle
left atrium
blood within the pulmonary veins returns to the
second intercostal space to the right of the sternum
to auscultate the aortic semilunar valve you would place your stethoscope in the