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  1. receptor potential
  2. adaptation
  3. fast (A) pain
  4. tactile disk
  5. thermoreceptor
  1. a located on basal membrane; between the dermis and epidermis, free nerve endings, feel light touch, itchy
  2. b division of the free nerve ending, feel sharp, intense, and localized pain
  3. c activates relative changes in temperature
  4. d when the receptor potential decreases and the intensity of the sensation decreases
  5. e potential that develops when an adequate stimulus acts on a receptor

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  1. on inside of body (visceroceptors)
  2. activated by intense stimuli that may damage tissue; sensation of pain
  3. (crousy end bulb) involved with touch and low frequency vibrations
  4. type 1A and type 2B; send messages concerning change in muscle length
  5. allow the body to respond to stimulus

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  1. stretch reflexsmell, taste, vision, hearing, equilibrium


  2. osmoreceptorlocated in the hypothalamus; activated by change in concentration of electrolytes


  3. exteroreceptornear or on the body surface


  4. lamellar corpuscleincapsulated nerve ending; immediate touch and low frequency vibrations, located in hairless areas


  5. slow (B) paindivision of the free nerve ending, feel sharp, intense, and localized pain