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  1. stretch reflex
  2. sensory receptor
  3. lamellar corpuscle
  4. interoceptor
  5. nociceptor
  1. a allow the body to respond to stimulus
  2. b (Pacini corpuscle) large, respond to deep pressure, high frequency vibrations and stretch
  3. c activated by intense stimuli that may damage tissue; sensation of pain
  4. d on inside of body (visceroceptors)
  5. e if the muscle stretch exceeds a certain limit

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  1. keep muscles from excessive contraction
  2. located in the hypothalamus; activated by change in concentration of electrolytes
  3. located on basal membrane; between the dermis and epidermis, free nerve endings, feel light touch, itchy
  4. division of the free nerve ending, feel sharp, intense, and localized pain
  5. (ruffini corpuscle) located deep in the dermis, immediate and persistent touch, secondary temp. receptors

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  1. muscle spindlesmell, taste, vision, hearing, equilibrium


  2. tactile corpuscleincapsulated nerve ending; immediate touch and low frequency vibrations, located in hairless areas


  3. photoreceptoractivates relative changes in temperature


  4. receptor potentialpotential that develops when an adequate stimulus acts on a receptor


  5. exteroreceptornear or on the body surface