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  1. stretch reflex
  2. thermoreceptor
  3. photoreceptor
  4. general sense organ
  5. sensory receptor
  1. a allow the body to respond to stimulus
  2. b found only in the eye; respond to light stimuli if intensity is great enough to generate receptor potential
  3. c activates relative changes in temperature
  4. d if the muscle stretch exceeds a certain limit
  5. e skin, mucosa, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, joints, viscera

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  1. keep muscles from excessive contraction
  2. (crousy end bulb) involved with touch and low frequency vibrations
  3. activated by intense stimuli that may damage tissue; sensation of pain
  4. located on basal membrane; between the dermis and epidermis, free nerve endings, feel light touch, itchy
  5. type 1A and type 2B; send messages concerning change in muscle length

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  1. fast (A) painaching and persistent pain


  2. interoceptornear or on the body surface


  3. bulbous corpuscle(crousy end bulb) involved with touch and low frequency vibrations


  4. lamellar corpuscle(Pacini corpuscle) large, respond to deep pressure, high frequency vibrations and stretch


  5. mechanorecptornear or on the body surface


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