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Chapter 9 cellular respiration

Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in cellular respiration
Glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain
Which of the following is released during cellular respiration
cellular respiration uses one molecule of glucose to produce
36 ATP molecules
what is the correct equation for cellular respiration
602 + 6H12o6.....6co2 + 6H2o + energy
cellular respiration releases energy by breaking down
Food molecules
What are the reactants in the equation for cellular respiration
glucose and oxygen
which of these is a product of cellular respiration
which of these processes takes place in the cytoplasm of a cell
Glycolysis provides a cell with a ne gain of
2 ATP Molecules
Starting molecule for glycolysis is
Which of the following is NOT a product of glycolysis
Which of the following acts as an electron carrier in cellular respiration
Lactic acid fermentation occurs in
muscle cells
the two main types of fermentation are called
alcoholic and lactic acid
which process is used to produce beer and wine?
alcoholic fermentation
in the presence of oxygen, glycolysis is followed by
the krebs cycle
cellular respiration is called an aerobic process because it requires
The starting molecule for the Krebs cycle is
Pyruvic acid
The Krebs cycle does not occur if
fermentation occurs
The Krebs cycle starts with
Pyruvic acid and yields carbon dioxide
In eukaryotes electron transport occurs in the
The energy of the electrons passing along the electron transport chain is used to make
The energy needed to win a 30 second sprint is produced mostly by
lactic acid fermentation
All of the following are sources of energy during exercise EXCEPT
alcoholic fermentation
which process does not release enrgy from glucose
how are cellular respiration and photosynthesis almost opposite processes
Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and cellular respiration puts it back
photosynthesis is to chloroplasts a cellular respiration is to
plants cannot release energy from glucose using
the products of photosynthesis are the
reactants of cellular respiration
The pathway labeled A in Figure 9-1 is called glycolysis
False,Lactic acid fermentation
If carbon dioxide is present the pathway labeled C. in figure 9-1 usually will occur
false; oxygen
without oxygen, a cell can extract a net gain of only.....molecules of ATP from each glucose molecule
glycolysis converts glucose into two molecules of
pyruvic acid
The pathway labeled B in Figure 9-1 is called
alcoholic fermentation
B. 2
B. 2 based on figure 9-1 is called
in figure 9-1 only the pathway labeled.....requires oxygen
B.B. 2
B.B. 2 The Krebs cycle will result in.....ATP molecules
If all autotrophs on earth suddenly stopped carrying out......cellular respiration would soon stop too
based on figure 9-1 which type of fermentation does not give off carbon dioxide