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Test bank for test 2 (class AP2)

Which of the following processes is the function of the smooth muscle layer of the digestive system?

Mixing and propulsion

Which of the following processes is the primary function of the mouth?


Which of the following processes is the primary fuction of the villi of the small intestine?


Which of the follwoing accessory organs produces a fluid to soften food?

Salivary Glands

Which of the following accessory organs produces a fluid that functions to emulsify dietary fats?


Which of the following accessory organs stores bile?


The capability of the GI tract to move material along its length is called?


This layer of the Gi tract is composed of areolar connective tissue containing blood and lymph vessels.

Lamina propria

This layer of the GI tract is composed of areolar connective tissue that binds the mucosa and the muscularis.


This layer functions by sereting a lubricating fluid.


These are composed of prominent lymphatic nodules that function in the immune response.


This plexus is located between the longitudainal and circular smooth muscle layers of the muscularis.

Myenteric plexus

Why do emotions such as anger or fear slow digestion?

Because they stimulate the sympathetic nerves that supply the GI tract.

This portion of the peritoneum drapes over the transverse colon and coils of the small intestine.

Greater omentum

This portion of the peritoneum attaches the liver to the anterior abdominal wall and diaphragm.

Falciform ligament

This portion of the peritoneum is largely responsible for carrying blood and lymph vessels to the intestines.


The hard palate

(Is the anterior portion of the roof of the mouth)
(Is formed by the maxillae and palatine bones)
(is covered by the mucous membrane)
*All the above*

in the mouth, this runs posteriorly to the sides of the pharynx.

Palatopharyngeal arch

In the mouth, the tooth sockets are lined with

Periodontal ligament

Deciduous molars are replaced by


Which of the following contains skeletal muscle?

UES standard abbreviations

How many stages of deglutition are there?


This is the structure of the stomach allows greater distension for food storage.


Which of the following secrete gastric acid?

Parietal cells

This cell secretes the hormone that promotes production of gastric acid.

G cell

How long can food stay in the fundus before being mixed with gastric juices?

1 hour

This major duct carries a fluid rich in bicarbonate ions.

Pancreatic duct

Which of the following gastric enzymes digest proteins?


This is the heavest gland of the body.


This is found on the liver and is a remnant of the umbilical cord in a fetus.

Round ligament

This is the principle bile pigment.


Which of the following is NOT a function of the liver?

Storage of bilirubin

Which of the following small intestine cells secrete lysozyme?

Paneth cells

Brunner's glands

Both mucous and an alkaline juice

Which of the following enzymes acts to produce monoglycerides as products?


Which of the following pancreatic enzymes acts to produce monosaccarides?


Which of the following pancreatic enzymes acts to produce smaller peptides from proteins?


This hormone functions to counteract the effect of gastric acid in the small intestine.


This hormone is stimulated by high levels of dietary fat in the small intestine.


This digestive aid, produced by the stomach, begins digestion by denaturing proteins.

Hydrochloric acid

This structure regulates flow of material into the colon.

ileocecal sphincter

Which of the following is the primary function of the large intestine?

Feces formation

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