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  1. Complexities of arboviruses
  2. Viruses with mosquito vectors
  3. Urban cycle transmission pattern
  4. Pathogenesis of Arboviruses
  5. Human to human transmission
  1. a WEE
    La Crosse encephalitis
    dengue fever
    West Nile virus
  2. b Mosquitoes to humans and back to mosquitoes
    -humans are considered endemic hosts
  3. c -Mosquito borne viruses must be able to replicate at ambient temperatures in the mosquito as well as that host body temperatures
    -this suggests a very broad host range
  4. d -Introduced into the bloodstream by infected insects
    -viral replication in reticuloendothelial system in vascular epithelium
    -secondary viremia can seed target organs
  5. e -This is rare; although West Nile has been transmitted through blood transfusion

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  1. chikungunya= Clicking joint disease (found in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands)
  2. Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion body found in nerves and characteristic of rabies
  3. Yellow fever and dengue fever
    -it is important to take a good travel history as part of your exam
    -also consider recommending vaccines for people traveling to specific areas around the globe
  4. -Encephalitis
    - fever with uremic syndrome
    -pulmonary syndrome
    -hemorrhagic fever
  5. Virus is shed into the feces of the tick and onto the skin of the human; itching introduces the contaminated feces into the host by breaking the skin barrier

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  1. endemic host animal and animal borne virusesIn most cases the endemic host animal is not killed by the virus; however rabies virus is the exception
    -viruses can be highly legal to humans


  2. Number of known survivors from rabies1


  3. Urban cycleOccurs when the virus is maintained between the mosquito and humans without another animal reservoir middleman. Something that could be maintained in an entirely urban area.
    -Examples = yellow fever and dengue virus


  4. enhancing antibody-Patient develops confusion, lethargy, difficulty maintaining balance, and speech difficulties
    -fever is often seen
    -some viruses have just a fever malaise as the predominant presentation and can be self-limiting


  5. Arthropod sustained vectorRabies