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  1. Arthropod sustained vector
  2. Viruses with wild mice vectors
  3. viruses that spread via the urban cycle transmission pattern
  4. Viruses with mosquito vectors
  5. Negri bodies
  1. a -Seen in Colorado tick fever
    -transmission pattern: small animals→ ticks→ other tics → back to small animals
    -humans are incidental
  2. b -Yellow fever
    -dengue fever
    -St. Louis encephalitis
  3. c WEE
    La Crosse encephalitis
    dengue fever
    West Nile virus
  4. d Sin Nombre
  5. e Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion body found in nerves and characteristic of rabies

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  1. Rabies
  2. -rabdovirus
    -Causes encephalitis
    - primary vectors are skunks, raccoons, foxes, bats, and dogs
  3. 1. Cultures are available for most of the Arboviruses
    -not routine
    -may involve inoculation of newborn mice
    2. diagnosis is usually made by serology using acute and convalescent sera
    -obtaining a sample can be troublesome
    -blood only contains virus during viremia
    -stool is negative
    -viruses rarely found in the throat or CNS
    3. PCR looks promising
  4. Liver disrupts production of clotting factors leading to bleeding
    -black vomit can also be seen
  5. Severe hemorrhage due to viral cytopathic effect in the vascular endothelium

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  1. Vaccines availableYellow fever → for humans, live/attenuated virus
    WEE, EEE, VEE → for horses, not humans


  2. enhancing antibody-Patient develops confusion, lethargy, difficulty maintaining balance, and speech difficulties
    -fever is often seen
    -some viruses have just a fever malaise as the predominant presentation and can be self-limiting


  3. mechanism by which humans contract animal borne virusesViruses are usually shed in the feces and urine of the endemic host animal its humans acquire the virus by inhalation of the dried fecal matter or urine
    -rabies can spread this way but most known for being spread by animal bites


  4. 3 types of syndromes caused by viruses transmitted by insects-Encephalitis
    - fever with uremic syndrome
    -pulmonary syndrome
    -hemorrhagic fever


  5. sylvan cycle transmission patternMosquitoes to humans and back to mosquitoes
    -humans are considered endemic hosts