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  1. viruses that spread via the urban cycle transmission pattern
  2. Number of known survivors from rabies
  3. 6 vectorborne virus is endemic to the US
  4. Symptoms of hemorrhagic fevers caused by lassa, Ebola
  5. Vaccines available
  1. a Severe hemorrhage due to viral cytopathic effect in the vascular endothelium
  2. b -Yellow fever
    -dengue fever
    -St. Louis encephalitis
  3. c Yellow fever → for humans, live/attenuated virus
    WEE, EEE, VEE → for horses, not humans
  4. d Western equine encephalitis
    Eastern equine encephalitis
    St. Louis encephalitis
    California Bunyaviruses (including La Crosse encephalitis)
    Colorado tick fever
    West Nile virus
    -sometimes the Venezuelan equine virus is also seen in the US
  5. e 1

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  1. -Diagnosis of lassa and Ebola are only done by reference centers in the CDc (requires BL4 containment lab)
    -hantavirus is diagnosed by serology
    -rabies is diagnosed using immunohistochemistry on autopsied brain tissue
  2. -lassa virus -arena virus (Small rodents)
    -marburg virus - filovirus (Rodents/monkeys)
    - Ebola - filovirus (rodents/monkey)
    * all of these cause hemorrhagic fever
  3. Humans have no natural resistance because they don't usually see these viruses
    -they are not the normal host
  4. -rabdovirus
    -Causes encephalitis
    - primary vectors are skunks, raccoons, foxes, bats, and dogs
  5. Control exposure to vector

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  1. 4 predominant syndromes caused by viruses transmitted by animals-Encephalitis
    -hemorrhagic fevers
    -arthritis or arthralgias


  2. enhancing antibodyYellow fever → for humans, live/attenuated virus
    WEE, EEE, VEE → for horses, not humans


  3. sylvan cycle transmission patternMosquitoes to humans and back to mosquitoes
    -humans are considered endemic hosts


  4. Endemic area for La Crosse encephalitisPrimarily along the Mississippi River extending as far eastward as black earth


  5. mechanism by which humans contract animal borne virusesIn most cases the endemic host animal is not killed by the virus; however rabies virus is the exception
    -viruses can be highly legal to humans