Trivial Pursuit Geography

40 terms by forumfulvii

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What's the largest building on the Acropolis?

The Parthenon

What three colors are on the French flag?

red white blue

What's the Big Apple

New York

What London museum features a Chamber of horrors

Madame Tussaud's

What country's capital is Tripoli?


What country share a 1,030-mile border with Sweden?


Whare 's Costa del Sol?


What tower is topped by Big Ben ?

The clock tower

What state is Mount McKinley in?


What country consumes the most wine per capita?


What country is home to Olympic Airways?


What's the capital of Ireland?


What nationality says spasibo for thank you?


What European capital boasts the Luxembourg Garden?


Where did the Orient Express end its run from Instanbul?


What country's citizens are called Kiwis?

New Zealand's

What London park are the Kensington Gardens part of?

Hyde Park

Where the Nazca Lines?


What's the national airlines of Australia?


What's the most common Spanish surname?


Whattwo countries are separated by the Bering strait?

USA and Soviet Union

What Italian city is home to Leonardo da Vinci's THE LAST SUPPER?


What's the world's deepest land gorge?

The Grand Canyon

What admiral stands over London's Trafalgar Square?

Horatio Nelson

What city is home to almost half of Michelangelo's statues?


What U.S. city is The Queen of the Pacific?

San Francisco

What German city is famed for a scent it produces?


Which is further north - Helsinki, Oslo or Stockholm?


What is the state flower of Alaska?

The forget-me-not

Which South American features the exclusive Capocabana beach and Ipanema?

Rio de Janeiro

What river flows past the Temple of Karnak?

The Nile

What country covers an entire continent?


What's the world's warmest sea?

The Red sea

What Rome tourist attraction has 138 steps?

The Spanish steps

Wher is the famed Kew Gardens?


What Ocean is almost exactly half the size of the Pacific?

The Atlantic

What does a German call Munich?


What is the geographical term for a ring-shaped coral island?


What's the capital of Bermuda?


Wher is the Yucatan Peninsula?


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