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  1. Charlemagne
  2. Black Death
  3. King Richard I
  4. Middle Ages
  5. Queen Isabella
  1. a A period lasted about 500 to about 1500
  2. b A deadly plague that swept through Europe between 1347 and 1351
  3. c He was the only one that stayed in the holy land
  4. d Married Ferdinand in 1469 and later became queen
  5. e He was a brilliant warrior and a very strong king.

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  1. Pictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass
  2. In 1066 he and his knights sailed to England and defeated the english king and he became king.
  3. The landmass that include both Europe and Asia
  4. The decay of peoples value
  5. He took power in the late 200s

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  1. ConstantinePictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass


  2. MedievalAnother name for the middle ages


  3. BenedictMost European monasteries followed a set of rules created in the early 500s by an Italian monk


  4. FeudalismHistorians call this system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals


  5. ChivalryEuropeans called their code of honorable behavior for knights.


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