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  1. Hundred Years' War
  2. Haiku
  3. Thomas Aquinas
  4. Serfs
  5. Feudalism
  1. a Historians call this system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals
  2. b workers who were tied to the landon which they lived
  3. c A long conflict between England and France that came to be called ___________
  4. d Is the Dominican philosopher
  5. e A short three-lined poems of 17 syllables that describes nature scenes.

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  1. Church officials
  2. The place where jesus had lived, preached, and died.
  3. Pictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass
  4. Franciscans named for their founders Dominic de Guzman and____________
  5. Communities of monks

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  1. King FerdinandHe was the only one that stayed in the holy land


  2. FriarsThe large estate owned by a knight or lord was _________


  3. Byzantine EmpireThe society that developed in the eastern Roman empireafter the west fell was called __________


  4. AqueductsMost European monasteries followed a set of rules created in the early 500s by an Italian monk


  5. CharlemagneHe was a brilliant warrior and a very strong king.