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  1. Francis of Assisi
  2. King Ferdinand
  3. Joan of Arc
  4. Vassal
  5. Mosaics
  1. a He married Queen isabella in 1469 and later became king
  2. b Pictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass
  3. c A knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land.
  4. d Franciscans named for their founders Dominic de Guzman and____________
  5. e Is a pheasent girl that rallied the french troops

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  1. Warriors who fought on horse back
  2. In time the councildeveloped into __________ the law making body that governs England today
  3. People who belonged to religious order but lived and worked among the general public
  4. Efforts to retake Spain from the Moors
  5. Historians call this system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals

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  1. BenedictHuman made channels that carried water from distant mountain ranges into Rome or other cities


  2. Holy LandThe leader of the muslim forces. He was a brilliant leader.


  3. SerfsChurch officials


  4. MonasteriesCommunities of monks


  5. Thomas AquinasCommunities of monks