18 terms

Africa Unit Vocabulary

A vegetation zone with too little rainfall to support much life.
A triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.
An isolated spot in a desert where water is found.
A climate zone that is hot and dry all year with very little rain.
Nomadic Herding
The raising of livestock for food by moving herds from place to place to find pasture and water.
Semi Arid
A climate zone with hot, dry summers and cool, dry winters
Tropical Wet & Dry
A climate zone that is hot all year with rainy and dry seasons
Tropical Grassland
A vegetation zone of mainly grasses and scattered trees.
Standard of Living
A people's overall level of comfort and well-being
Life Expectancy
The average age that a person in a given population can expect to live to
Literacy Rate
The amount of people able to read and write
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year
Per Capita GDP
A figure calculated by dividing the total amount of GDP by the number of people in a place
Human Development Index (HDI)
How well people live measured by literacy rate, life expectancy, and per capita GDP
Human Rights
The basic rights, freedoms, and protection that all humans should be guaranteed; the rights you have simply because you are a human
When a distant country controls a territory and its existing people, usually for political influence and economic gain.
The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.
A semi-arid transition zone between desert and savanna; prone to desertification.