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Somatic Cells

all the cells in the body except the sex cells (gametes); the cells that make up tissues and organs.

Cell Cycle

the process that somatic cells go through in order to grow and reproduce.


the longest part of a cell cycle when the cell grows and develops, replicates its DNA, and makes proteins and RNA to prepare for cell division.


the part of the cell cycle when the nucleus divides


the first stage of mitosis when the cromatin condenses and can be seen.


the second stage of mitosis when the chromatids line up along the midline of the nucleus.


the third stage of mitosis when the centromeres divide and the sister chromatids seperate.


the last phase of mitosis when new nuclear membranes are formed around each set of chromosomes.


the last part of the cell cycle when the entire cell divides.


to make an exact copy of; for an example, chromosomes replicate in the nucleus before a cell divides.


a structure that holds sister chromatids (pairs of replicated chromosomes) together.


the threadlike material made of DNA and proteins found in chromosomes (or will condense ro from chromosomes).

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