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8 of the most common Jewish feast


(aka Shabbat). Day of rest. Goes from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Celebrated with a meal.


celebrates the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt. No leaven may be eaten. Work can't be done on the first 2 days and the last 2 days.

Counting the Omar

2nd day of Passover. Lasts for 49 days until day before the Shavu'ot. It commemorates a plague in Jewish history and the days are spent mourning (no wedding, etc.)


(aka Feast of Weeks) Celebrates the giving of the Torah. Falls after 49 days of Counting the Omar. Work is not permitted.

Rosh Hashanah

Jewish New Year. Jews look to change things in the upcoming year to make it better (falls sometime in Sept-Oct). No work permitted.

Yom Kippur

most important holiday for Jews. Set aside to atone for sins of the past year. Day is spent fasting, and setting one's mind on God. No work may be done.


(aka Feast of Booths) Joyous holiday. 5th day after Yom Kippur; lasts for 7 days. Jews live in shelters outside to celebrate. Commemorates the time when children of Israel wandered in the dessert.

Chanukkah (Hanukkah)

Not a very religious holiday. Celebrated near Christmas time. Remembers the re-dedication of the Temple after it was defiled by the Greeks.

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