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slide ID missing: Designs for Chaux - Claude Ledoux Houses - Peter Eisenman Museum of Contemporary Art - Kazuyo Sejima Central Beheer Offices - Herman Hertzberg Austin City Plan - Edwin Waller Savannah City Plan - James Oglethorpe Sarabhai Residence - Le Corbusier Bryn Mawr College Dormitory - Louis Kahn New State Chancellery - Albert Speer Foam House - Charles Harker

Giza Pyramids

Stockholm Library
Gunnar Asplund

Guggenheim Museum (New York)
Frank Lloyd Wright


US Pavilion at Montreal Expo
Buckminster Fuller


Bangladesh Capitol Buildings
Louis Kahn


Zollverein School of Design
Kazuyo Sejima


Wat Arun and Royal Palace (Thailand)

Casa Mila (Spain)
Antonio Gaudi

Dipoli Student Union
Reima and Raili Pietila


Guggenheim Museum (Spain)
Frank Gehry


Disney Concert Hall
Frank Gehry


Phaeno Science Center
Zaha Hadid


TWA Terminal Kennedy Airport
Eero Saarinen

St. Ignatius Chapel
Steven Holl

Berlin Jewish Museum
Daniel Libeskind


Kimbell Art Museum
Louis Kahn

Modern Art Museum (Fort Worth)
Tadeo Ando

Villa Rotunda


San Carlo alla Quattro Fontana

Denver Museum of Art
Daniel Libeskind

S. Andrea

Schroeder House
Gerritt Rietveld

Centre Pompideau
Piano and Rogers

Cathedral (Chartes)

Chateau (Vaux-le-Vicomte)
Le Vau/Le Notre/Le Brun

Chapel (Ronchamps)
Le Corbusier

Sydney Opera House
Jorn Utzon

Farm (Gut Garkau)
Hugo Haering

Barcelona Pavilion
Mies van der Rohe

Farnsworth House
Mies van der Rohe

Bishop's Palace
Nicolas John Clayton

The Parthenon


St. Peter's
Bramante, Sangallo, Michelangelo, Della Porta, Maderno, Bernini

San Antonio Library
Ricardo Legorreta

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