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What does an operating system do?

An operating system is the basic software that controls the computer's hardware

What is an icon?

An icon is a graphical representation of a command. When the icon is clicked the command is executed

What is Windows 7/Vista/XP?

These are operating systems that empty a graphical user interface

What is a cell?

A cell is the intersection of a column and a row

What is the purpose of a cell pointer?

The cell pointer is a black rectangular box that highlights the cell that is currently selected.

What are 3 ways to select A1?

To select A1, you could click on it, press the arrow keys, or press CTRL + Home

What is the Go TO key in excel?

F5. also Find and select, Go to in the home ribbon

What is the GO To dialog box key?


Find and Replace Keys

CTRL + H, Replace under Finde and Select

Home Key


What key will move the cell pointer to the last row and column containing data?

CTRL + End

What will the End Key do?

move the cursor to the last cell in that row or column containing data

What will ALT + Page Down Keys do?

move the cell pointer one screen to the right at a time

What will ALT + Page up keys do?

move the cell pointer one screen to the left at a time

Why are Formulas useful?

they can perform functions on other cells

what is a constant?

contents in cells that do not change (13 or tiger)

ways excel will interpret as dates

month day, year and month/day/year
can also use hyphens

2 types of data entries that can be interred in a cell

constant value and formula

How do you bring up the format dialog box?

Right click in the cell you want to format and then left-click on the selection "Format Cells" from the pop-up menu that appears

what does + do?


what does - do?


what does * do?


what does / do?


what does ^ do?


what does % do?


How can you modify a formula without using a keyboard

Click the formula bar and place the cursor where you want to insert a new cell. Click on the new cell to insert the cell reference into the formula. Click the green Enter arrow to complete the formula

Three ways to make a correction to a cell

push ESC if you haven't already entered the entry, select the cell and then push F2, or overwrite the old contents by making a new entry over the old one

four ways to open a workbook

1. File tab, open 2. Open toolbar button 3. File tab, new, Blank Workbook 4. CTRL + O

file extensions

.xlsx, .txt, .csv

Bitmap extensions

.jpg, gif

vector extensions


extension of microsoft word


extension of powerpoint


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