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throughout 1928, the American stock market

saw the number of shares traded daily soar

All of the following factors were causes of the great Depression EXCEPT

conservative banking policies that restricted the availability of loans

After 1929, in the face of the worsening global economic crisis, the United States

refused to alter payment schedule of debts owed by European nations to America

In 1932, the unemployment rate in Toledo, Ohio was one of the worst in the nation at

80 percent

In the 1930s, the "Dust Bowl"

was a product of changing environmental conditions

The 1931 Scottsboro court case saw

black teenagers accused of rape by two white women

In the 1930s, the largest Japanese- and Chinese- American populations were found in


for woman, the economic pressures caused by the great depression

saw men move into jobs traditionally held by professional women

As a result of the great depression, the social values in the Untied States

seemed to change relatively little

During the 1930s, in regards to radio,

listening was often a community experience

In the 1930s, all of the following offered social commentary on the United states and the great depression EXCEPT

it happened one night

during the 1930s, American literature

offered a greater degree of social commentary the did either radio or movies

during the 1930s, the most important group within the popular front was the

communist party

during the 1930s, the American communist Party

none of these answers is correct

During the 1930s, the southern tenant farmers union

sought to organize the rural poor across racial lines

As Herbert hoover began his presidency, he

considered the country to have a bright economic future

As the depression deepened, President Herbert Hoover

grew less willing to increase federal spending

The hoover administration addressed the economic situation of American farmers with

The Agricultural Marketing Act

The Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)

All these answers are correct

In 1932, the Farmers' holiday association

was essentially a farmers strike

The federal governments response tot he bonus army included

all these answers are correct

in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt's promise of a new deal for America included a commitment to

none of these answers is correct

Between his election in 1932 and the inauguration in 1933, Franklin Roosevelt

refused to make any agreements with the outgoing president, Herbert Hoover

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