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Henry Ford

made assembly line production more efficient in his Rouge River plant near Detroit- a finished car would come out every 10 seconds. He helped to make cars less expensive so more Americans could buy them.

Model T

first affordable car built by Henry Ford; sturdy, reliable, inexpensive, only came in black

Wright Brothers

Wilbur and Orville tested a gas-powered airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. On the first flight, the plane flew 120 feet in twelve seconds. They made four flights that day, the longest lasting 59 seconds. No one was particularly interested in these flights for no one could find any uses for it. Finally, by 1920s the airplane effectively made travel and trade easier and was widely recognized.

Kitty Hawk, NC

In 1903 Orville Wright made a celebrated test flight near here

Frederick W. Taylor

The original "efficiency expert" who, in the book The Principles of Scientific Management from 1911, preached the gospel of efficient management of production time and costs, the proper routing and scheduling of work, standardization of tools and equipment, and the like.


scientific management, encouraged the development of mass production techniques and the assembly line, led to a revolution in American education of social science.

scientific management

Frederick Taylor's term for the application of scientific principles to the operation of a business or other large organization

Thomas Alva Edison

This scientist received more than 1,300 patents for a range of items including the automatic telegraph machine, the phonograph, improvements to the light bulb, a modernized telephone and motion picture equipment.

The Wizard of Menlo Park

nickname for Thomas Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

He was an American inventor (born in Scotland) who was responsible for developing the telephone. This greatly improved communications in the country.

Andrew Carnegie

leader of steel industry, applied vertical integration, by 1900 climbed to top of steel industry. "rags to riches" story. "robber baron"

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