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What is more than a single layer of peritoneum called?


What is the difference between the peritoneal cavity in males and females?

Female open at uterine tube

Where is pain from the midgut referred to?


What are organs called that are completely surrounded by peritoneum?


What is the significance of the pouch of Douglas?

Fluid pools here due to gravity while standing

List the intraperitoneal organs

1st part Duodenum
Jejenum and ileum
Cecum and Appendix
Transverse and Sigmoid Colon

List the Primarily retroperitoneal organs

Sympathetic trunks

List the Secondarily retroperitoneal organs

Duodenum 2nd and 3rd
Ascending and descending colon

What does the falciform ligament continue as?

Ligamentum teres

What is the significance of the Pouch of Morison?

Fluid pools here due to gravity in the supine position

Where is the pouch of Morison?

Between Liver and Kidney

How many layers does the greater omentum have?


What connects the transverse colon to the greater omentum?

Gastrocolic ligament

What is contained within the portal triad?

Hepatic artery
Portal vein
Bile duct

What splits the greater and lesser sac?

Transverse mesocolic ligament

What is contained in the supracolic compartment?


What is contained in the infracolic compartment?

Ascending, Descending Colon

What is the purpose of the left and right paracolic gutter?

Communication between the supracolic and infracolic

How do the Greater and Lesser Sacs communicate?

Foramen of Winslow (Omental foramen)

What are the 5 umbilical folds?

2 Lateral (Inf epigastric vessels)
2 Medial (Obliterated umbilical arteries)
1 Median (Obliterated urachus)

What is the other name for the Pouch of Douglas?

Retrovesicle pouch (Males)
Retrouterine pouch (Females)

What is the clinical significance of the open peritoneum in females?

Pelvic inflammatory disease

What is an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity?


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