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  1. Correlation Advantages
  2. Experimental Advantages
  3. Traits
  4. Ethics
  5. Observer Reports
  1. a one problem with the experimental method - IRB's go over every study to make sure we are not violating participants rights
  2. b 1. high on the external validity
    2. fewer ethical concerns
    3. allows us to look at variables we can't manipulate
  3. c 1. control for the third variable through random assignment
    2. can't est. causality
  4. d based on real world data, as well as archival data
  5. e words that we use to describe someone - use them to understand and predict behavior; they need to be stable across time and situations in order for the characteristic to be considered a personality trait - internal cause of behavior and descriptive summaries

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  1. consistency of the measure
    1. consistency between items (internal consistency)
    2. consistency between rates (inter-rater reliability)
    3. consistency over time (test-retest reliability)
  2. averaging across several observations, not just one
  3. when the correlation is -1.0
  4. when the correlation is neutral, meaning its a 0, then there is no correlation
  5. process of constructing, testing, and refining theories through systematic observation

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  1. External Validityone problem with the experimental method - the extent to which we can generate our findings to the real world - experiments are low on this


  2. Person-situation Debatertoo much diversity in what people were studying - failure in replicated Cattel's results - Walter Mitchell's book "Personality and Assessment" stays there's no such thing as personality


  3. Archival Datadoes a measure asses what its intended to measure?


  4. Independent VariableDV (variable y) - variable that is measured and usually follows the IV
    ex. helping behaviors


  5. Correlation Disadvantages1. cannot est. causality
    2. third variable problem
    ex. trying to make a correlation between rapes committed and the amount of ice cream sold could be affected by the third variable of heat