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  1. Archival Data
  2. Physiological Measures
  3. Taxonomies
  4. Demand Characteristics
  5. Reliability
  1. a how many traits do we study?
    ex. the Big 5
  2. b ex. blood pressure, brain waves, and so on
  3. c consistency of the measure
    1. consistency between items (internal consistency)
    2. consistency between rates (inter-rater reliability)
    3. consistency over time (test-retest reliability)
  4. d one problem with the experimental method - cue in the environment/experiment that elicits a certain response
    ex. punching bag in a hott room when looking for aggression
  5. e ex. looking at police records

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  1. one problem with the experimental method - the extent to which we can generate our findings to the real world - experiments are low on this
  2. one problem with the experimental method - when an experimenter behaves in a way to elicit a response
    ex. comforting someone
    solution = double-blind study
  3. most widely used
    ex. personality questionnaires
  4. IV (variable x) - what the researcher manipulates (makes a difference between groups)
  5. does a measure asses what its intended to measure?

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  1. Theorythe amount of a trait which is different, either increased or decreased (degree rather than kind)


  2. Case Studiesexam the life of one person in great detail


  3. Hypothesisstatement/question about the conditions under which an event occurs


  4. Scientific Methodallows us to test casual hypothesis
    ex. does happiness increase helping?
    involves the IV and the DV


  5. Projective Testsex. looking at police records