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  1. Trait Stability
  2. Experimental Disadvantages
  3. Big 5
  4. Continuity
  5. Reliability
  1. a consistency of the measure
    1. consistency between items (internal consistency)
    2. consistency between rates (inter-rater reliability)
    3. consistency over time (test-retest reliability)
  2. b 5. how much can we learn in 1 to 2 weeks?
    6. limited by what we can do to someone
    ex. rape study
  3. c Openness to experience
  4. d the amount of a trait which stays about the same
    ex. when 8 if your aggressive, your usually aggressive as an adult
  5. e cross-culture and longitudinal research do not show dramatic change in personality over time (correlation +.65) - Big 5 is the most consistent - personality appears to be "set in stone" with age but gradual change can occur (personality becomes fixed by age 30)

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  1. statement/question about the conditions under which an event occurs
  2. during your 20's there are small but consistent changes -
    score higher on:
    1. agreeableness
    2. conscientiousness
    3. emotional stability
    4. positive affect
    score lower on:
    1. extraversion
    2. openness to experience
    3. neuroticism
    4. negative affect
  3. words that we use to describe someone - use them to understand and predict behavior; they need to be stable across time and situations in order for the characteristic to be considered a personality trait - internal cause of behavior and descriptive summaries
  4. how many traits do we study?
    ex. the Big 5
  5. when the correlation is -1.0

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  1. Positive Correlationwhen the correlation is +1.0 (though it can not usually be a perfect correlation)


  2. Archival Datadoes a measure asses what its intended to measure?


  3. Scientific Methodstatistical approach that measures the relationship between two variables - not manipulating anything - represented by "r" (correlation coefficient)


  4. Theoryan idea of how something works - should be generating research, make precis predictions, be falsifiable, be simple, and have a good track record


  5. Case Studieshow many traits do we study?
    ex. the Big 5