Apocrine sweat glands


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Function of apocrine sweat glands
Produce pheromones (odiferous secretions)
Location of apocrine glands
1. associated with hair follicles of
- axilla
- areolae of breast
- pubic region
2. secretory portion located in the deep dermis and hypodermis
3. duct empties into a hair follicle
Origin of apocrine gland
outgrowth of the external root sheath
Structure of apocrine sweat glands
1. simple, coiled tubular gland
2. secretory portion has a wider lumen then eccrine glands
Cells of apocrine sweat glands
1. secretory cells
2. Myoepithelial cells
3. duct cells
Secretory cells
1. Merocrine secretory cells
2. apical accumulation of small secretory granules
Myoepithelial cells
associated with secretory portion
Duct cells
1. stratified cuboidal epithelium (2-3 layers)
2. form short straight duct terminating in a hair follicle
Control of secretion
1. innervated by sympathetic neurons
2. respond to adrenergic transmitters