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pectoral girdle and pelvic girdle

clavicle and scapula
where upper extremities attach to body; connection with axial skeleton at the sternum; site of attachment for thoracic, neck, and shoulder muscles
clavicular articulations
clavicle articulates with the sternum (diathrodial joint) at sternal facet; clavical articulates with scapula at acromial facet
movements of clavicle and sternum
limited movement upward, downward, backward, forward, as well as circumduction (mostly to allow shoulder movements)
articulations of scapula
on articular facet of acromion, indirect contact between coracoid process and clavicle by way of a ligament, glenoid fossa with head of humerus (bone of arm meets up)
pelvic girdle
attaches lower extremities to body, supports organs of abdomen, formed by a pair of coxal bones (illium, ischium, pubis fused) and sacrum
sacroiliac and pubic symphysis
amphiathrodial joints