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Section 3 Dev Psych

TCC Hockenbury
Aggressive children tend to be popular in middle school.
Child sexul abuse is most common:
just after puberty.
The term imaginary audience refers to an adolescent's
false belief that everyone is constantly attending to his or her behavior and appearance.
An example of the invinicibility fable:
Young military recruits who hope to be sent into combat.
Janet and Carlos are both in their growth spurt, if they are typical of their sex, compared with Carlos, Janet will:
have a higher proportion of body fat.
Fifteen-year-old Rebecca still has a 10:00 p.m. curfew and asks her parents if her curfew can be extended to 11 p.m. on the weekends. When her parents ask her why she thinks her curgew should be changed, Rebecca replies, "because I am older now, and I've never been late for my 10:00 p.m. curfew. I think you can trust me, so can we at least give it a try?" This is an example of what type of thinking?
In a series of studies, psychologist Paul Klazynski compared the thinking of children, young adolescents, and older adolescents. Klacynski's research found that logical thinking improved with age and education, but not with,
measurements on intelligence tests (IQ).
According to the text, what percentage of the variation in the age of puberty is determined by genes?
About two-thirds.
Normally Roger is a pretty easygoing 14-year-old but every now and then, he seems to suddenly become moody, and has even verbally lashed out at his younger sister, only to apologize later. Which of the following pubertal processes would most likely contribute to episodes of moodiness?
A sudden surge in testosterone levels.
The rate of teen birth in the United States:
is the highest of any developed nation.
Sixteen-year-old Paul drinks heavily and drives dangerously fast, believing that he cannot be hurt. Paul is demonstrating
the invincibility fable.
The hormone that causes the ovaries and testes to greatly increase their production of estradiol and testosterone is:
gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
For boys, the even that most closely parallels menarche is:
Latisha experienced menarche at the age of 6 years. According to the text, this would be an example of:
precocious puberty.
Despite Piaget's claims, some adolescents and adults continue to reason in a concrete operational way.
The cognitive abilities needed for using a trial and error strategy to balance a scale with weights are first acquired during adolesence.
For both girls and boys, puberty can begin as young as_____years old or as late as_____years old and still be within the normal range.
Which of the following people is likely to have the greatest health problems because of iron deficiency?
16-year-old Marilyn, who has a pretty regular menstrual cycle.
A 2005 survey of over 3,300 adolescnts found that about_____percent of adolescents felt close to God and believed in the traditional ideas of Heaven and Hell.
Analytic thinking generally takes more time than intuitive thinking.
According to information discussed in the text, which of the following is correlated with deficiencies in the adolescent diet?
The availability of vending machines on high-school campuses.
Because of the obsession with body image during adolescence, girls may ingest_____and boys may take_____
diet pills; steroids
Compared with younger children, when thinking about historical or other serious problems, adolescents tend to:
Which of the following adolescent categories have the highest arrest rates?
adolescent African Americans
An example of homeostasis is the:
increase in heart rate and breathing that occurs during physical exertion
Issac and Derek persuaded Robert to cut school with them, shoplift some small items from a convenience store, and steal alcohol from his parents. According to terminology presented in the text, Issac and Derek were engaging Robert in:
deviancy training
Psychosocial development during adolescence is often seen as a quest to answer the critical question:
"Who am I?"
Identity diffusion, which is also often called identity confusion, is typically characterized by:
Angel's parents always wanted him to be part of the family business--and Angel never questioned this. At 21, Angel decided to leave the business to become a teacher. Using the coping patterns described by James Marcia, Angel is resisting:
identity foreclosure
Emerging adults spend more money on their__________than any other group.
shoes and clothes
Madison broke up with her boyfriend after a fight. She has spent the last week thinking about and going over the fight in her mind, which has caused her to sink into depression. Her continual reliving the fight in her mind is known as:
In general, as children become adolescents, their feelings of competence:
In the United States in the 21st century, many adolescents are in "moratorium" with which area of identity?
vocational identity
According to Erik Erikson, adolescents are in the psychosocial developmental stage of:
identity versus role confusion
The pattern that limits sexual activity to one steady partner at a time is called:
serial monogamy
Which of the following is more common in adolescent boys than in adolescent girls?
completed suicide
Alejandro readily adopted his paren't religious faith and values without question. Happy and secure, he enjoys participating in religious events with his parents. Using the patterns described by James Marcia, Alejandro's identity status reflects:
Several suicides committed within the same group of people in a brief period are referred to as:
cluster suicides
As we age, the resting heart rate:
remains stable
The diathesis-stress model of mental illness proposes that a combination of _____and_____produces mental disorders.
genetic vulnerability; environmental stresses
In contemporary American society, the beginning of adulthood is now considered to be:
age 25
For the last 100 years up to the last couple of decades, the beginning of adulthood was historically considered to be:
age 18 or 21
Which of the following states is the goal of homeostasis?
Assumptions about the purpose of sex are usually mutual when partners:
were raised in the same religion and culture.
The term "organ reserve" refers to:
the extra capacity available to an organ when subjected to stress.
A great deal of parental interference and control is a strong predictor of:
adolescent depression.
According to the textbook, for many adolescents adult relatives are:
more influential than nonrelatives
Many emerging adults experience delay discounting, which is the tendency to:
undervalue events in the future
The study in which adults were asked to suggest solutions to 15 real-life problems demonstrated that:
familiarity with the situations enabled adults to be more flexible in developing solutions
The focus of postformal thought, the possible fifth stage of cognition, is:
problem finding
Postformal thinking is more practical, more creative, and more imaginative than earlier stages of thinking.
Which of the following is a characteristic of postformal thought?
The understanding that one's own perspective is just one of many potentially valid views.
In demand/withdraw interactions, women tend to be more_____and men more_____
According to data gathered by the Pew Research Center, approxiamately_____of U.S. 18-to-29-year-olds use a social networking site to keep in contact with friends
A new idea that integrates an original idea and the opposite of the idea is referred to as a(n):
The difference between the reasoning of adolescents and that of young adults is particularly apparent when the problem is emotionally charged.
What proportion of families around the world are the result of arranged marriages?
About one-third
If a man talks about his problems to a male friend, his male friend is most likely to offer:
practical solutions
According to the text, which of the following is a good synonym for the word intimacy?
The psychometric approach to cognition emphasizes:
compnents of intelligence as measured by IQ tests.
According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, there are 3 dimensions of love. Which of the following is NOT one of those dimensions?
According to research by Stanford University psychologist Claude Steele, how does stereotype threat tend to impair performance?
Psychological distress, anxiety, and self-dount interfere with thinking and problem-solving abilities
Compared to the friendships between women, friendships between men:
are less emotional
Which of the following statements best characterizes the rate at which emerging adults form new friendships?
During emerging adulthood they typically make more friends than they will later in life
Most emerging adults have a firm grasp of who they are and have solidly established their identity.
According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, which of the following represents the correct order in which the dimensions of love typically develop in a relationship?
passion, intimacy, commitment
Adult cognition is closely tied to chronological age.
When a woman talks about her problems with a friend, she usually wants:
sympathy or understanding.