11 terms

AP World History Ch. 2

A philosophy that says everything should be balenced. Says yous should avoid excess and appreciate the balence of opposites; yin and yang
Qin Dynasty
Ruled by Quin Shi Huangdi. Characterized by overtaxation of the pesants and crulety to them too. Also dynasty that started the Great Wall of China
Shi Huangdi
Ruker of the Qin Dynasty. Fierce ruler that overtaxed the pesants. Invented the spoils system. Created the Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
a wall built by slaves in China during the Qin Dynasty. It was built to keep the barbarians out of China
Han Dynasty
developed in 202 BCE and lasted over 400 years. rounded out the political and intelectual systems
Kunf Fuzi
Also known as Confucius. He believed that you should treat people as their social status and yours dictates. He also believed that there should be philisophical and cultural unity. Invented confucinism (code of social ethics)
A school of political thought that emerged during the Qin and Han dynasties. It rejected Confucinism and favored athoritarian state. (believed that all people are evil and require dicipline)
Laozi (Lao Tzu)
the founder of Taoism
A religion/philosophy that emerged during the end of the Zhou dynasty. It embraces nature's harmony and adds a sense of nature mystery. Also the spiritural alternative to Confucinism
Mean People
People ranked below pesants who preformed rough transport and other unskilled jobs. They had the lowest political status in China
Confucian bureaucracy
All burwaucrats would have to take a test about the Analects and the 5 Classics