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Electricity (1 of 3) Int2 Physics Mr FitzGerald

What is the difference between conductors and insulators?
1) Electrons are free to move in a conductor
2) Electrons are not free to move in an insulator
Give an example of conductors and insulators
All metals are conductors e.g iron
Most non metals are insulators e.g rubber
What is electric current?
1) Movement of charges around a circuit
2) Measurement of how much charge passes a point each second
What is Voltage?
It is a measure of the energy given to the charges in a circuit
What is the effect of resistance on current?
Increasing the resistance decreases the current
What are the 2 rules for a series circuit ?
1) Current same at all positions
2) Adding together the voltages of all the different components equals the supply voltage
What are the 2 rules for a Parallel circuit ?
1) All branches get the supply voltage
2) Adding up the current in the branches equals the supply current
What is a Potential Divider?
Two (or more) resistors connected across a supply sharing the voltage between them