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review for chapter 3 test in Working With Young Children


is the process of observing, recording, and documenting children's growth and behavior

developmental norms

are characteristics and behaviors considered normal for children in specific age groups

anecdotal records

the simplest form of direct observation, is a brief narrative account of specific incident


are designed to record the presence or absence of specific traits or behaviors

participation chart

can be developed to gain information on specific aspects of children's behavior

rating scale

are used to record the degree to which a quality or trait is present


is a collection of materials that shows a person's abilities, accomplishments and progress overtime

Direct Observations

is when behavior or events are observed while something is happening.

Indirect Observations

the observer is not always present and someone else is telling you want they saw happened

Objective Observations

Just what you see

Subjective Observations

using your opinion in telling someone something


assessment information is this but should be shared with child's parents

on-going assessments

provide more in-depth information and useful in tracking child's progress and change

informal observation

most often used to collect data by preschool teachers and more appropriate for program planning


the process of reviewing information and finding value in it

formal observation

standardized tests and research instruments used to identify developmental norms

purposes of assessment

plan developmentally appropriate curriculum, gain insight into child's learning style and needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses, identify classroom problems or special needs

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