Palace of Versailles

The site began as what?
Louis XIII's hunting lodge before his son transformed and expanded it
Why did Louis XIV choose the site?
So it could be a symbol of royal absolutism and to embody classical French art
When was the Chapel and the Opera built?
A century under Louis XV
The Palace of Versailles was what?
Most central of the complex that housed the French government
Where is it located?
10 miles southwest of Paris, France
How many people lived there by the time of the revolution?
60,000 people
What was the palace full of?
Paintings, sculptures, the House of Mirrors, and technological innovations
How often could the fountains be turned on?
Only during special occasions since they took such a large amount of water to supply them
What was the Grand Trianon?
A modest palatial structure
What room in the palace was the most important?
Louis XIV's bedroom
Where did the King have his throne?
The Apollo Sallon
Why wasn't the opera used frequently?
The high cost made it difficult for France
What was the grotto?
A cave in which Marie Antoinette made with a moss bed
How much would it cost to make in todays money?
About 2 billion dollars
Where was the Treaty of Versailles signed?
In the Hall of Mirrors room