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What is a group of Bobwhite Quail called?

Beaver Scat

Black Bear

Barred Owl

Bald Eagle

Black Crappie

Black Duck

Clapper Rail

Juvenile Eastern Cotton Mouth

Eastern Cotton Mouth

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

White-tailed deer

Mourning Dove

Fox Squirrel

Gray Squirrel

Humpback Whale

Large Mouth Bass

Virginia Opossum

Osprey Nest

Bobwhite Quail

Red Shoulder Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk

River Otter

Striped Skunk

Southern Flying Squirrel

fishing harvest limits and laws that slow habitat degradation

Why are red drum populations rebounding in North Carolina?

Southern Flying Squirrel

Diamond Back Terrapin

Wild Turkey

Wood Duck (female)

Wood Duck (male)

Wood Chuck

Clapper Rail Eggs

Mourning Dove Eggs

Osprey Egg

Quail Eggs

Wild Turkey Eggs

Wild Turkey Spurs

What are the protrusions on this bird's legs called?

Black Bear Scat

White-tailed Deer Scat

River Otter Scat

Bald Eagle Skull

Black Bear Skull

Beaver Skull

Crow Skull

White-tailed Deer Skull

Mink Skull

Osprey Skull

River Otter Skull

Wood Duck Skull

Black Bear Tracks

Beaver Tracks

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Tracks

Crow tracks

Duck tracks

Wild Turkey Tracks

White-tailed Deer Tracks

Opossum Tracks

Opossum Tracks

Dabbling Ducks

What type of ducks are wood ducks, black ducks, and mallard ducks


What mammal frequently kills prey larger than itself and also kills more prey than it can eat,earning it a reputation for being bloodthirsty.

Starlings. Compete for Nests.

What alien species has had a devastating effect on wood duck populations? Why?


This term refers to chicks that are well developed when they hatch. Their eyes are open and they are covered with down. They can leave the nest shortly after hatching, but stay with adults who feed and care for them until they can fly.


What are eggs in a nest called?


What is the bristle-like feathers on a turkey's chest called?


Can female wild turkeys have beards?


What are baby turkeys called?


What is the wild turkey's best sense?

Crop Milk

What nutritious secretion do doves parents feed their babies?


What are baby doves called?


What bird of prey is very sensitive to pollution and chemical contaminants and also easy to monitor, making it a good indicator of environmental health?

Diamondback Terrapin

Name a Species of Concern

Crab Pots; Habitat Loss; Predators (Raccoons, Skunks, and Opossums)

Name a current threat to Diamondback Terrapin populations?


What family does the Large Mouth Bass belong to?


Does the Wood Chuck migrate, hibernate, or tough it out during the winter?

wetlands; riparian; marshes; coastal marshes

Name two types of ecotones or edge habitat that support mink.

Prohibits hunting birds over the water with lead shot

Identify a hunting law that protects aquatic bird species from the harmful effects of magnification.

Burning or Plowing (discing)

Name one management technique that encourages primary succession habitat (grassy, shrub-like).


What are newly hatched young of large mouth bass or black crappy called?


Are Cotton Mouths poisonous or venomous?


What is it called when an animal is most active during dawn and dusk?


What is the primary predator of black ducks?

unpleasant smell; fainting; immune to venomous snakes in its area

What adaptations do opossums use for defense?

sharp spine on the soles of its feet; talons

What foot adaptations do osprey have to help them hold their prey (fish)?

swimming, communicating warnings, storing fat, and support

What do beavers use their tail for?

Red-tailed Hawk

Habitat loss as farm fields reverted to forest or were developed into housing subdivisions

Why have quail populations declined in NC?

Call Count Survey

What is it called when scientists monitor mourning doves by recording the number of calls and sightings of birds every mile on a 20 mile route?

Red Wolf

What animal has been introduced as an experimental population?

Bobcat skull

Bobcat tracks

bobcat scat

Diamondback terrapin eggs

Gray fox skull

gray fox tracks

Red fox skull

red fox tracks

striped skunk scat

striped skunk tracks

striped skunk skull

striped skunk tracks

diamondback terrapin tracks

whose funky tracks are these?

Gray Fox has a "U" shape on the top; Red Fox has a "V" shape on top.

How can you tell the difference between a gray fox skull and a red fox skull?

Gray Fox

Which fox can climb trees?

Gray Fox has a black tipped tail; Red Fox has a white tipped tail.

How can you tell the difference between gray fox and red fox pelts?

Plott Hounds

What type of dog are used to hunt black bear?


What are the bumps on top of the humback whale's head called?

predator-control programs and hunting; habitat loss; and chestnut tree blight

Name three things that caused black bear populations to dramatically decrease in NC by the early 20th century?


Do male deer have antlers or horns?


Opossum tails can grasp and wrap around things like tree limbs. What is this type of tail called?


What are the opposable "thumb" on opossums' rear feet called?

Virginia Opossum

What is the only marsupial native to North America?

No. They are dabbling in the water to find and catch food.

Do raccoons wash their food?

Black Bear

What animal made these marks?


What animal has been here?


What animal pelt is usually tipped with silver?

Sandhills and southern Coastal Plain

Where does the fox squirrel primarily live in NC?

Bald Eagle Eggs

Squirrel Scat

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in NC and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC & TN

Technically, red wolves are extinct in the wild. But, experimental populations have been reintroduced in what regions?


What species is considered one of the most adaptable and hardiest in North America?

Expansion of their territory and loss of coyote's predator, the grey wolf

What changes allowed coyotes to move into NC in the 1980s?


What pesticide caused a sharp decline in bird of prey populations by thinning their eggs' shells?


Are male or female raptors larger?


Red-tailed hawks and Red-shouldered hawks belong to a category of hawks that soar and have broad wings and wide tails that are banded. What is this category called?

Barred Owl Skull

Barred Owl Pellet

Coyote Scat

Barred Owl Egg

to distract predators

What is the purpose of the false "eye" on the red drum's tail?

Humpback Whale

What mammal migrates the greatest distances - up to 5,000 miles one way?


Humpback whales do not have teeth. Instead, they have a plate to filter their food from water. What is this type of whale called?

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