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Woods 2012 Envirothon Wildlife

What is a group of Bobwhite Quail called?
Beaver Scat
Black Bear
Barred Owl
Bald Eagle
Black Crappie
Black Duck
Clapper Rail
Juvenile Eastern Cotton Mouth
Eastern Cotton Mouth
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
White-tailed deer
Mourning Dove
Fox Squirrel
Gray Fox
Gray Squirrel
Humpback Whale
Large Mouth Bass
Virginia Opossum
Osprey Nest
Bobwhite Quail
Red Drum
Red Fox
Red Shoulder Hawk
Red Wolf
Red-tailed Hawk
River Otter
Striped Skunk
Southern Flying Squirrel
fishing harvest limits and laws that slow habitat degradation
Why are red drum populations rebounding in North Carolina?
Southern Flying Squirrel
Diamond Back Terrapin
Wild Turkey
Wood Duck (female)
Wood Duck (male)
Wood Chuck
Clapper Rail Eggs
Crow Eggs
Crow Nest
Mourning Dove Eggs
Osprey Egg
Quail Eggs
Wild Turkey Eggs
Wild Turkey Spurs
What are the protrusions on this bird's legs called?
Black Bear Scat
White-tailed Deer Scat
Mink Scat
River Otter Scat
Bald Eagle Skull
Black Bear Skull
Beaver Skull
Crow Skull
White-tailed Deer Skull
Mink Skull
Osprey Skull
River Otter Skull
Wood Duck Skull
Black Bear Tracks
Beaver Tracks
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Tracks
Crow tracks
Duck tracks
Wild Turkey Tracks
White-tailed Deer Tracks
Opossum Tracks
Opossum Tracks
Dabbling Ducks
What type of ducks are wood ducks, black ducks, and mallard ducks
What mammal frequently kills prey larger than itself and also kills more prey than it can eat,earning it a reputation for being bloodthirsty.
Starlings. Compete for Nests.
What alien species has had a devastating effect on wood duck populations? Why?
This term refers to chicks that are well developed when they hatch. Their eyes are open and they are covered with down. They can leave the nest shortly after hatching, but stay with adults who feed and care for them until they can fly.
What are eggs in a nest called?
What is the bristle-like feathers on a turkey's chest called?
Can female wild turkeys have beards?
What are baby turkeys called?
What is the wild turkey's best sense?
Crop Milk
What nutritious secretion do doves parents feed their babies?
What are baby doves called?
What bird of prey is very sensitive to pollution and chemical contaminants and also easy to monitor, making it a good indicator of environmental health?
Diamondback Terrapin
Name a Species of Concern
Crab Pots; Habitat Loss; Predators (Raccoons, Skunks, and Opossums)
Name a current threat to Diamondback Terrapin populations?
What family does the Large Mouth Bass belong to?
Does the Wood Chuck migrate, hibernate, or tough it out during the winter?
wetlands; riparian; marshes; coastal marshes
Name two types of ecotones or edge habitat that support mink.
Prohibits hunting birds over the water with lead shot
Identify a hunting law that protects aquatic bird species from the harmful effects of magnification.
Burning or Plowing (discing)
Name one management technique that encourages primary succession habitat (grassy, shrub-like).
What are newly hatched young of large mouth bass or black crappy called?
Are Cotton Mouths poisonous or venomous?
What is it called when an animal is most active during dawn and dusk?
What is the primary predator of black ducks?
unpleasant smell; fainting; immune to venomous snakes in its area
What adaptations do opossums use for defense?
sharp spine on the soles of its feet; talons
What foot adaptations do osprey have to help them hold their prey (fish)?
swimming, communicating warnings, storing fat, and support
What do beavers use their tail for?
Red-tailed Hawk
Habitat loss as farm fields reverted to forest or were developed into housing subdivisions
Why have quail populations declined in NC?
Call Count Survey
What is it called when scientists monitor mourning doves by recording the number of calls and sightings of birds every mile on a 20 mile route?
Red Wolf
What animal has been introduced as an experimental population?
Bobcat skull
Bobcat tracks
bobcat scat
Diamondback terrapin eggs
Gray fox skull
gray fox tracks
Red fox skull
red fox tracks
striped skunk scat
striped skunk tracks
striped skunk skull
striped skunk tracks
diamondback terrapin tracks
whose funky tracks are these?
Gray Fox has a "U" shape on the top; Red Fox has a "V" shape on top.
How can you tell the difference between a gray fox skull and a red fox skull?
Gray Fox
Which fox can climb trees?
Gray Fox has a black tipped tail; Red Fox has a white tipped tail.
How can you tell the difference between gray fox and red fox pelts?
Plott Hounds
What type of dog are used to hunt black bear?
What are the bumps on top of the humback whale's head called?
predator-control programs and hunting; habitat loss; and chestnut tree blight
Name three things that caused black bear populations to dramatically decrease in NC by the early 20th century?
Do male deer have antlers or horns?
Opossum tails can grasp and wrap around things like tree limbs. What is this type of tail called?
What are the opposable "thumb" on opossums' rear feet called?
Virginia Opossum
What is the only marsupial native to North America?
No. They are dabbling in the water to find and catch food.
Do raccoons wash their food?
Black Bear
What animal made these marks?
What animal has been here?
What animal pelt is usually tipped with silver?
Sandhills and southern Coastal Plain
Where does the fox squirrel primarily live in NC?
Bald Eagle Eggs
Squirrel Scat
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in NC and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC & TN
Technically, red wolves are extinct in the wild. But, experimental populations have been reintroduced in what regions?
What species is considered one of the most adaptable and hardiest in North America?
Expansion of their territory and loss of coyote's predator, the grey wolf
What changes allowed coyotes to move into NC in the 1980s?
What pesticide caused a sharp decline in bird of prey populations by thinning their eggs' shells?
Are male or female raptors larger?
Red-tailed hawks and Red-shouldered hawks belong to a category of hawks that soar and have broad wings and wide tails that are banded. What is this category called?
Barred Owl Skull
Barred Owl Pellet
Coyote Scat
Barred Owl Egg
to distract predators
What is the purpose of the false "eye" on the red drum's tail?
Humpback Whale
What mammal migrates the greatest distances - up to 5,000 miles one way?
Humpback whales do not have teeth. Instead, they have a plate to filter their food from water. What is this type of whale called?
Is the Eastern Cottonmouth ectothermic or endothermic?
What is another name for a turtle shell?
Water Moccasin
What is another name for the Eastern Cottonmouth?
Chipmunk Tracks
Delayed Implantation
When environmental conditions are unfavorable, some mammals, such as black bears or river otters, can postpone reproduction through what process?
Striped Skunk
Cone-shaped holes in the ground or suburban lawn marks are evidence of what animal?
A raccoon that is wandering aimlessly, acts lethargic, has jerky movements, weak hind legs, paralysis, and loss of awareness has what disease/
Mast, forb, browse, forage
Name four types of food for wildlife.
escape, nesting, brood, roosting
Name four types of cover for wildlife.
Ecotones (edges), wetlands, riparian areas, grassy fields (meadows), forest clearings, snags, downed logs
List 5 important habitat areas for wildlife.
Eastern Cougar, Manatee
Name an endangered species.
All organisms of the same species living in one area at the same time in called a what? For example, all blue jays living in a back yard.
All populations living together in the same area is called a what? For example, everything living in a pond.
All living and nonliving parts of the environment and their interactions is called a what?
Plants and algae make food from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water through a process called what?
Animals, plants, and other organisms use oxygen to break down food to create energy through a process called what?
Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Water, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur
What essential gases and elements are needed for life?
Lightning, deposits from the atmosphere, or nitrogen-fixing bacteria on legumes
How is Nitrogen "fixed" in the soil?
ten percent
As one moves up the energy pyramid, a certain percentage of energy is lost, resulting in the same percentage of fewer numbers of animals that can be supported by ecosystem. What percentage of energy is lost?
The role played by an organism in its ecosystem, including all its interactions with living and nonliving parts is called what?
On a food chain, organisms, like plants, that produce their own food by converting light to energy are called what?
Primary Consumers
On the food chain, herbivores are called what?
Secondary Consumers
On the food chain, carnivores that eat herbivores are called what?
Tertiary Consumers
On the food chain, carnivores that eat other carnivores are called what?
On the bottom of the food chain, organisms, like bacteria and fungi, that break down dead animals and plants are called what?
A type of symbiosis in which both species benefit is called what? For example, the wrasse fish cleans and eats parasites and dead tissue off other fish
A type of symbiosis in which one organism benefits, while the other is not affected is called what? (Spanish moss benefits, but tree is not affected)
A type of symbiosis in which one organism benefits, while the other is harmed is called what? (fleas, ticks, lice, roundworm)
Habitat Fragmentation
What is it called when an animals habitat is broken up into smaller areas by roads or human development?
In order to protect wildlife from habitat fragmentation, areas of undisturbed strips of land are built to connect the animal's habitat. These strips are called what?
Carrying Capacity
What is the number and type of wildlife that a habitat can support called?
food, water, space, non-living factors
The carrying capacity of a habitat is limited. Name a few limiting factors.
Wildlife that can live in a variety of habitats and in close proximity to people are called what?
Raccoons, Coyotes, Rats, Squirrels
List one example of a generalist.
Organisms that require very specific habitats are called what?
Bog Turtle, Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Neuse River Waterdog, Hellbender
List one example of a specialist.
What is it called when habitats change over time from one type of vegetation to another?
funds for fisheries
What did the Dingell-Johnson Act provide for?
crop pollination, predatory insects limit pests, food source for wildlife
How are insects helpful for people?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
What is the best way to control insect pests?
Keystone Species. Alligator, Beaver
Species that are critical to a particular ecosystem are called what? Give an example.
Indicator Species. Raptors, songbirds, mink, amphibians
Species that warn us of environmental problems are called what? Give an example.
Game Species
Animals that may be hunted, fished, or trapped according to wildlife regulations are called what?
Funding for wildlife study, restoration, and education
What did the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 provide for?
covers fish eggs and kills the young; clogs gills preventing fish from getting enough oxygen; makes it difficult to find prey
Fish are an indicator species. They are at risk from different types of pollution that run into the water, including sediment, chemicals, and nutrients. How does sediment negatively affect fish?
Most reptiles lay eggs, but some snakes and lizards keep eggs inside and have live births. What is this called?
What is the study of amphibians and reptiles called?
What are the migration routes of birds called?
Neotropical Migrants
What are birds (such as hummingbirds, warblers, and thrushes) that winter in South and Central America and migrate to North America in the spring to mate and raise their young called?
Altricial. Cardinals, raccoons, squirrels and raptors
What word describes animals that are born helpless at birth? Give an example
Habitat loss
What is the greatest threat to birds today?
What is it called when chemicals accumulate in an animal to a harmful level?
Hunters are prohibited from using lead shot over water
What wildlife hunting law helps minimize biomagnification in NC?
What is NC's state bird?
Gray Squirrel
What is NC's state mammal?
What is NC's state insect?
Eastern Box Turtle
What is NC's state reptile?
Channel Bass or Red Drum
What is NC's state salt-water fish?
Some animals have contrasting color that make them less visible. Many are dark on top side and light on bottom. What is this called?
What are chemicals that are used as scents to recognize members of the opposite sex and readiness for mating called?
Some mammals, like bats and toothed whales, emit high-pitched sounds and then interpret the echoes to locate prey or obstacles. What is this called?
What are mammals, like moles and groundhogs, that live underground called?
What are mammals, like bear and raccoon, that walk with their whole foot touching ground called?
What are mammals, like foxes, wolves, and bobcats, that walk on the balls of their feet and toes called?
What are mammals, like deer and elk, that walk only on their toes, protected by hooves, called?
What is the lack of or slowing of activity and metabolism during hot, dry season such as summer called?
Market Hunting
In the 1800s and early 1900s, some animals, (like beaver, deer, bear, and elk) were hunted almost to extinction to feed or clothe the growing cities. What is this type of mass hunting for profit called?
These type of bird feet are adapted for what type of activity?
These type of bird feet are adapted for what type of activity?
These type of bird feet are adapted for what type of activity?
What are the feet of birds of prey called?
Invasive Alien Species
Zebra mussels harm native species because they eat most of the available food. They are prolific breeders and clog water pipes. They spread by hitching rides on the bottoms of boats. What is this type of non-native species called?
piloting, orientation, and navigation
What 3 methods do migrating animals use to find their way?
Circadian Rhythms
What are cyclical processes (such as sleeping, feeding, drinking, and changes in body temperature) that occur approximately every 24 hours called?
Tidal Cycle or Lunar Cycle
Fiddler crabs that release their eggs on only the highest bimonthly tides provides an example of what type of cycle?
Spring - warmer weather and more daylight
When do most plants and animals reproduce?
habitat destruction and fragmentation; pollution; introduction of alien species; and commercial exploitation
What are 4 major causes of endangered species?
North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission
What state agency is responsible for wildlife management in North Carolina?
hunting, prescribed burns, fertilization, food plots, shelter belts, and timber sales
List 3 wildlife management tools.
Endangered Species Act
What federal legislation protects plants and animals that are at risk of extinction and their habitats?
Global Warming
What is it called when carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are added to our atmosphere, causing climate change?
Brook Trout
Bull Frog
Garden Spider
Tar Spiny Mussel
Tiger Salamander
Bog Turtle
American Toad
Brown Trout
Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Glass Lizard
Monarch Butterfly
Rat Snake - Juvenile
Rat Snake - Adult
Small Mouth Bass
Peregrine Falcon
Virginia Big-eared Bat