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  1. Private Necessity
  2. Implied Consent
  3. 5th Amendment
  4. Wyeth v. Levine
  5. Criminal Burden of Proof
  1. a Through gestures, not directly said or written
  2. b 1. No person shall be tried for the same offense twice
    2. Self-incrimination
  3. c Reasonable beyond reasonable doubt
  4. d The defendant is trying to protect themselves, with paid monetary compensation
  5. e I: Is this a viable case of product liability, in terms of a warning defect?
    R: Where a seller, manufacturer, or retailer places a defective product in the stream of commerce, the user, consumer, or bystander may have a successful lawsuit under a product liability suit
    A: The warning label was inadequate
    C: Levine's claim stood

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  1. The unlawful carnal knowledge of a female without consent
  2. Government and political entities have defense, in formal/official settings
  3. 1. Necessity
    2. Self-defense
    3. Defense of others
    4. Defense of property
    5. Consent
    6. Shopkeeper's Privilege
  4. I: Does FOE have standing to bring a suit against La Gloria?
    R: To demonstrate that FOE's members have a standing, FOE must show that the injury is "fairly traceable" to the defendant's actions
    A: FOE offered no competent evidence that La Gloria's discharges made their way to Lake Palestine - they were only relying on the fact that water flows downstream
    C: The US Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision that FOE lacked standing
  5. One may use both deadly or non-deadly force where the other was also privileged to use the same amount of force, protecting the victim, not the wrongdoer

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  1. SlanderPermanent defamation, that has a higher damage claim than slander


  2. 14th AmendmentProhibits governmental intrusion against unreasonable searches against the person or property


  3. Voluntary IntoxicationWillingly knowing you're drinking or taking drugs


  4. Summary JudgmentIn order to establish or prove a summary judgment motion, there must be no genuine issue of material fact and the evidence has been viewed in the light most favorable to the non-moving party


  5. Public NecessityThe defendant is trying to assist or protect the public, with no compensation