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  1. Defenses to Intentional Torts
  2. Common Law Burglary
  3. Strict Liability
  4. 6th Amendment
  5. Defenses to Negligence
  1. a 1. Comparative Negligence
    2. Contributory Negligence
    3. Assumption of the risk
  2. b 1. Necessity
    2. Self-defense
    3. Defense of others
    4. Defense of property
    5. Consent
    6. Shopkeeper's Privilege
  3. c 1. Right to cross and confront your accusers or co-conspirators
    2. Right to a jury trial, under potential for imprisonment, life, or death
    3. Right to counsel attaches if there's potential for imprisonment or death
    4. Right to a fair and speedy trial
  4. d 1. Liability without fault
    2. The plaintiff's party doesn't need to proof its burden of proof - just need to prove it happened
    3. Animals (domestic and wild); ultra hazardous/abnormally dangerous; product liability
  5. e The intentional breaking entering into the dwelling house of another during the nighttime, with the specific intent to commit a crime therein

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  1. The party that is being bribed needs to be a government official
  2. The activity must be unique and causes injury
  3. One may use both deadly or non-deadly force where the other was also privileged to use the same amount of force, protecting the victim, not the wrongdoer
  4. I: Does FOE have standing to bring a suit against La Gloria?
    R: To demonstrate that FOE's members have a standing, FOE must show that the injury is "fairly traceable" to the defendant's actions
    A: FOE offered no competent evidence that La Gloria's discharges made their way to Lake Palestine - they were only relying on the fact that water flows downstream
    C: The US Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision that FOE lacked standing
  5. The breaking and entering into any structure at any time, with the specific intent to commit a crime therein

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  1. Modern Law RapeThe unlawful carnal knowledge of any person without consent


  2. SlanderNon-permanent or temporary defamation


  3. AssaultThe intentional misrepresentation of fact known to be false by the wrongdoer for purposes of inducing action or inaction and causes the action or inaction


  4. Criminal Burden of Proof1. Burden of proof
    2. Opening arguments
    3. Direct examination
    4. Indirect/cross examination
    5. Closing arguments
    6. Jury instructions
    7. Jury verdict
    8. Motion for new trial
    9. Appellate review


  5. Boles v. Sun ErgolineI: Is this a viable case of product liability, in terms of a manufacturing defect?
    R: Where a seller, manufacturer, or retailer places a defective product in the stream of commerce, the user, consumer, or bystander may have a successful lawsuit under a product liability suit
    A: The manufacturing defect caused an injury
    C: The case was ruled in favor of the plaintiff, because the product was deemed unsafe