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  1. 8th Amendment
  2. Implied Consent
  3. Common Law Statutory Rape
  4. Actus Rea
  5. Pfenning v. Lineman
  1. a The unlawful carnal knowledge of a female under the age of 10
  2. b I: Did Lineman commit negligence?
    R: There is no duty from one participant in a sporting event to another to prevent injury resulting from an inherent risk of the sport
    A: Pfenning agreed to participate and she had been participating for 3 hours before the incident, inferring that she was aware of the inherent risks
    C: The defendants didn't owe Pfenning a duty
  3. c Through gestures, not directly said or written
  4. d 1. Due process to a fair trial
    2. Reasonable bail being set
    3. Entitled to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment
  5. e Guilty actions

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  1. 1. Equal protection clause
    2. Prohibits discrimination of age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
  2. Amendment violation - federal question
  3. 1. Burglary
    2. Arson
    3. Rape
    4. Robbery
    5. Kidnapping
  4. 1. Irresistible Impulse
    2. Majority Rule
  5. I: Was the motion for summary judgement valid? (Bishop charging Ausley with slander)
    R:In order the establish or prove a summary judgment motion, there must be no genuine issue of material fact, and the evidence has been viewed in the light most favorable to the non-moving party
    A: The plaintiff (Ausley) admitted that he made statements that discredited the defendant in his trade such as telling future clients that Bishop had engaged in unethical conduct
    C: The Court of Appeals reversed the grant for summary judgment, since Bishop had evidence of slander against Ausley

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  1. ForgeryThe intentional harmful or offensive touching to plaintiff or plaintiff's person/property


  2. People v. SisupanI: Was there an issue of intentional infliction of emotional distress?
    R: Extreme and outrageous conduct calculated to cause emotional distress
    A: The way Tay's remains were handled against the wishes of her family would be considered extreme and outrageous behavior and Stern's actions caused emotional distress
    C: The appellate court reversed the lower court's decision


  3. Product LiabilityWhere one misuses or alters the product


  4. In RemGuilty state of mind


  5. Trespass to ChattelsThe intentional taking or possessing of personal property of another without their consent or privilege
    -The property is not what it once was when returned