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Week 3


Organic or fundamental law of a nation or state

Constitutional Right

Right guaranteed to a citizen by the US (or Texas) constitution

Constructive Possession

A condition where, under the law, a person who is not actually in possession of property is treated as if he were in possession


To ascertain the meaning of language or facts

Contempt of Court

Any act which is calculated to embarrass, hinder, or obstruct court in administration of justice (2) Behavior that violates court order


In close proximity


An item that is illegal to possess, make, or distribute

Corporal Punishment

Physical punishment as distinguished from pecuniary punishment

Corpus Delicti

'Body of a crime,' the substance or foundation of a crime


To strengthen; add weight or credibility


To forge; copy or imitated without right


Worthiness of belief


An act or omission, forbidden by law

Criminal Episode

Commission of two or more offenses

Criminal Insanity

A mental disease or defect that makes it impossible for a person to know wrongfulness of acts

Criminal Intent

An intent to do an act which the law denounces

Criminal Law

Laws written by legislature that make certain behavior illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment

Criminal Mischief

Intentional or knowing damage or destruction of property


At trial, the opportunity to question any witness, including your opponent


Blamable; censurable


The enclosed space of grounds and building immediately surrounding a dwelling, as opposed to 'open field'

Deadly Force

Force that is intended or known by the actor to cause death or serious bodily injury


The cessation of life

De Facto

State of affairs which actually exists and must be accepted for all practical purposes


Taking from one's reputation


The person against whom a lawsuit is filed


With respect to a witness or other person, related to physical appearance; includes tone of voice, carriage, etc


Testimony of a witness taken upon oral or written interrogatories, not in open court


To violate sanctity of, to profane


Act by which a person in confinement, held on accusation of crime, is set at liberty

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