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Biology: Chapter 18

Asexual reproduction in plants;
Tends to be particularly common in a population growing in a marginal habitat.
Most of the trees or shrubs in backyard gardens:
Are the products of asexual reproduction.
In angiosperms, the ________ are the specialized reproductive organs whose main function is to bring together the sperm and egg.
Each angiosperm pollen grain contains how many sperm cells?
Mosses and ferns differ in their reproductive strategies from gymnosperms and angiosperms in which of the following ways?
Mosses and ferns rely on liquid water fertilization, whereas angiosperms and gymnosperms do not need liquid water for fertilization.
The common term for the action of transferring pollen grains from an anther onto a stigma is;
Flowering plants attract animals to assist in pollination. Which of the following animal groups is not a common pollinator flowering plants?
All of the above are common pollinators of flowering plants:Bats. Bumblebees. Moths. Beetles.
"Double fertilization" in angiosperm plants refers to:
The fusion of one sperm cell with the egg, and another with two nuclei of the endosperm-forming cell.
Which of the following is a likely way in which plants increase dispersal of their fruit?
Both a and b are true: Fruits are conspicuously colored. Fruits taste good.
Which of the following is the proper sequence of events occurring when a flowering plant reproduces?
Meiosis; pollination; fertilization; embryo formation.
For angiosperms, which of the following is the most correct statement about growth?
Apical meristems increase length; vascular cambium increases girth.
When, after seed germination, does photosynthesis begin?
When the shoot emerges from the soil.
The scientific term for wood is;
Secondary xylem.
When you are seven years old, you scratch your name, 4 feet above the ground, into a 12 foot-tall bamboo plant. You spend the next 10 years in a special home for vandals. When you get out, the bamboo is 24 feet tall. At that time, how far above the ground will your name be?
4 feet.