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The retail version costs less than the OEM version, but can only be installed on a new PC for resale


Use ____ to find out which devices are installed in your XP system.

Device Manager

To convert a FAT32 volume to an NTFS volume, first back up all important data on the drive and then use this command at a command prompt: ____, where D: is the drive to be converted.

convert D: /FS:NTFS

If you are not sure if your devices will work under the OS you are upgrading to, one solution is to set up a(n) ____________________.

dual boot

For some brand-name computers, the hard drive contains a ____ partition that can be used to reinstall Windows.

hidden recovery

After the virtual machine is set up, you can click ____________________ in the console to change the hardware configuration of a machine.


The Windows utility ____ is used to remove configuration settings, such as the computer name that uniquely identifies the PC.


Upgrading to a better edition of Vista can easily be accomplished by using the ____ feature.

Windows AnyTime Upgrade

An example of a network operating system is Windows Server 2008, which controls a network using the directory database called ____.

Active Directory

During a normal Windows XP installation, setup causes the system to reboot ____ times


The ____ command is used to copy the information to the new computer


Many hardware manufacturers have chosen to not produce Vista drivers for their older devices, so it's very important to find out if your hardware will be compatible with Vista.


Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000, so you should never be called on to install it on a new PC


A ____ is a copy of the entire volume on which Windows is installed to another bootable media such as CDs or USB drive.

drive image

A ____ boot allows you to install the new OS without disturbing the old one so you can boot to either OS.


Product ____ is a method used by Microsoft to prevent unlicensed use of its software so that you must purchase a Windows license for each installation of Windows.


Has the most limited features and is intended to be used in developing nations

Windows Vista Starter

Designed for low-cost home systems that don't require full security and networking features

Windows Vista Home Basic

Includes additional features such as the Aero user interface

Windows Vista Home Premium

Intended for business users

Windows Vista Business

The major additional security feature is BitLocker

Windows Vista Enterprise

Includes every Windows Vista feature

Windows Vista Ultimate

Includes additional support for digital entertainment hardware such as video recording integrated with TV input

Windows XP Media Center Edition

Supports 4 GB of memory in the 32-Bit version and does not support the 64-Bit version

Windows XP Home Edition

Designed for laptops

Windows XP Tablet PC

When you configure updates, if the PC doesn't have an always-up Internet connection (such as dial-up), you might want to select

Notify me but don't automatically download or install

A(n) ____ installation is performed by storing the answers to installation questions in a text file or script that Windows calls an answer file.


A Windows domain is a type of ____ network, which is a network where resources are managed by a centralized computer.


"The ____ command is used to copy the information from the old computer to a server or removable media.


A ____ computer is software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer


A(n) ____ server is used to hold the setup files on the Windows CD or DVD to a file server on the network and then at each PC, you can execute the Setup program on the server.


For an always-up broadband connection (such as cable modem or DSL), select ____ when you configure updates.


The ____________________ option when upgrading uses existing Windows folders and all the existing settings it can.

Express Upgrade

If Service Pack 2 or a later service pack is applied to Windows XP, you can use ____________________ to transfer Windows XP user data and preferences to Windows Vista.

Windows Easy Transfer

The ____________________ option allows you to change the installation folder and the language options.

custom upgrade

Microsoft offers 64-bit versions for all Vista retail editions.


A Windows ____ is a logical group of computers and users that share resources, where administration, resources, and security on a workstation are controlled by that workstation.


Use a ____-bit OS if you need increased performance and your system has enough resources to support it.


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