10 terms

10.1 Evaluation of Intelligence Tests

Our awareness of ourselves and our environment.
Binocular rivalry
Alternation between seeing the pattern in the left retina and the pattern in the right retina
brain death
the brain shows no activity and no response to any stimulus
caused by trauma or damage to the brain, the brain shows a steady but low level of activity and no response to any stimulus
vegetative state
Respond to some stimuli (at least with changes in heart rate and breathing) but show no purposeful actions
minimally conscious state
condition of decreased brain activity with occasional, brief periods of purposeful actions and limited speech comprehension
phi effect
illusion of the light moving back and forth between the two locations
spatial neglect
a tendency to ignore the left side of the body, the left side of the world, or the left side of objects
deja vu experience
snese that an event is uncannily familiar
readiness potential
the increased motor cortex activity prior to the start of the movement