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  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Bastion
  3. Traumatized
  4. Pious
  5. Osmosis
  1. a Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye
  2. b Devoutly religious
  3. c Subject to lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury
  4. d A fortified area or position
  5. e The process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

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  1. Not taking (something) into account; regardless of.
  2. A small group of trees
  3. To imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle
  4. An episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, esp. between small or outlying parts of armies or fleets
  5. Marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness

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  1. FontanelA person's behavior or manners.


  2. AnalgesicAlthough: "he was making progress, albeit rather slowly".


  3. VerandahA person's behavior or manners.


  4. ExactitudeExactness: the quality of being exact; "he demanded exactness in all


  5. DemeanorA person's behavior or manners.