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mcb. 7. 2nd

Which of the following does not kill endospores?
All of the above
) Which of the following factors contribute to the hospital-acquired infections ,A) Some bacteria metabolize disinfectants.
B) Gram-negative bacteria are often resistant to disinfectants.
C) Invasive procedures can provide a portal of entry for bacteria.
D) Bacteria may be present in commercial products such as mouthwash.
E) All of the above.
They are equivalent treatments
Which of the following heating treatments is the most effective for controlling
the microbial growth?
Gamma radiation
Which of the following could be used to sterilize plastic Petri plates in a plastic wrapper?
Filtration through a 0.45 μm filter
Which of the following treatments does not yield a sterile product?
B) Tincture Iodine
hich of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
A) Silver Compounds burns
B) Tincture Iodine open wounds
C) Copper Sulfate water algicide
D) Hydrogen Peroxide open wounds
E) None of the above
Treatment intended to lower microbial counts on eating and
drinking utensils to safe public health levels is called:
The absence of significant contamination of the object is called
Foods are preserved with all of the following except
Ethylene oxide
) Which of the following is most effective for sterilizing mattresses and
the plastic Petri dishes in the hospitals?
The eradication of non-enveloped viruses can not be achieved by
Heavy metals
These agents cause denaturation of enzymes and other essential proteins:
Ethylene oxide
Which of the following substances can achieve complete sterilization?
) Which of the following is used for surgical hand scrubs?
Which one of the following is not a heavy metal disinfectant?
) High pressure
Which of the following will NOT inactivate endospores?
Kills Pseudomonas
Which one of the following will be the BEST advertisement for a disinfectant that it?
hich of the following will NOT kill or control the microbes in the foods?
The use-dilution test
Which test is used to check the effectiveness of a disinfectant?
What did Joseph Lister use to control surgical infections in the operating room?