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Moses' LIfe Timeline

1500 BC
Moses got sent down the Nile and was found by the pharaoh's daughter.
He grew up in the pharaoh's palace.
1500 BC
Moses was born. He lives with his mother for 3 months.
1488 BC
Lived with his mother for 12 years. During these 12 years Moses's mother taught him about god.
Means drawn from water
1482 BC
Saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. So he killed the Egyptian.
1482 BC
Moses fled from Pharaoh because he killed an Egyptian. He went to MIdian.
Moses married Zipporah
Moses' first son Gershom is born.
Moses went to Horeb (Mountain of God) where he finds the burning bush that is a sign from god.God then spoke to Moses from the burning bush. God called to Moses, and Moses said,"Here I am."
Moses goes back to Egypt as God commanded him to do. To lead the Isrealites out of Egypt.
First sign
Staff turning into a snake.
Second sign
Moses put his hand inside his cloak. When he removed it, it was Leprous, like snow.
Third sign
When Moses throws Nile water on the ground then it would become blood.
He went back to his father in law Jethro and he asked to go back to his people in Egypt.
Moses took his family went to Egypt.
God almost killed Moses, but Zipporah circumcised Gershom. God let Moses live.
Moses went to pharaoh and demanded the Israelites freedom.