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study materials to accompany the french textbook, reflets livre de l'élève, USBN number 9787560053196.

to enter


to live (at, in)


to show


to talk/speak


to place/pose


to escort


to meet again


to greet


to ring


to smile


to work


I enter


you enter

tu entres

he enters

il entre

she enters

elle entre

it enters

on entre

we enter

nous entrons

y'all/您 enter

vouz entrez

they (男et男女) enter

ils entrent

they (女) enter

elles entrent

I live at


you live at

tu habites

he lives at

il habite

she lives at

elle habite

it lives at

on habite

we live at

nous habitons

y'all/您 live at

vouz habitez

they (女) live at

elles habitent

they (男et男女) live at

ils habitent

I show

je montre

you show

tu montres

he shows

il montre

she shows

elle montre

it shows

on montre

we show

nous montrons

y'all/您 show

vouz montrez

they (女) show

elles montrent

they (男et男女) show

ils montrent

I speak

je parle

you speak

tu parles

he speaks

il parle

she speaks

elle parle

it speaks

on parle

we speak

nous parlons

y'all/您 speak

vouz parlez

they (女) speak

elles parlent

they (男et男女) speak

ils parlent

I place

je pose

you place

tu poses

he place

il pose

she place

elle pose

it place

on pose

we place

nous posons

y'all/您 place

vous posez

they (女) place

elles posent

they (男et男女) place

ils posent

I escort

je raccompagne

you escort

tu raccompagnes

he escorts

il raccompagne

she escorts

elle raccompagne

it escorts

on raccompagne

we escort

nous raccompagnons

y'all/您 escort

vous raccompagnez

they (女) escort

elles raccompagnent

they (男et男女) escort

ils raccompagnent

I meet again

je revois

you meet again

tu revois

he meets again

il revoit

she meets again

elle revoit

it meets again

on revoit

we meet again

nous revoyons

y'all/您 meet again

vous revoyez

they (女) meet again

elles revoient

they (男et男女) meet again

ils revoient

I greet

je salue

you greet

tu salues

he greets

il salue

she greets

elle salue

it greets

on salue

we greet

nous saluons

y'all/您 greet

vous saluez

they (女) greet

elles saluent

they (男et男女) greet

ils saluent

I ring

je sonne

you ring

tu sonnes

he rings

il sonne

she rings

elle sonne

it rings

on sonne

we ring

nous sonnons

y'all/您 ring

vouz sonnez

they (女) ring

elles sonnent

they (男et男女) ring

ils sonnent

I smile

je souris

you smile

tu souris

he smiles

il sourit

she smiles

elle sourit

it smiles

on sourit

we smile

nous sourions

y'all/您 smile

vous souriez

they (女) smile

elles sourient

they (男et男女) smile

ils sourient

I work

je travaille

you work

tu travailles

he works

il travaille

she works

elle travaille

it works

on travaille

we work

nous travaillons

y'all/您 work

vous travaillez

they (女) work

elles travaillent

they (男et男女) work

ils travaillent

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