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Lexington / Concord
First significant military confrontation between the
colonial militia and the British army, start of the American Revolution and
known as "the shot heard round the world"
Patriots claimed a large supply of cannons and artillery in capturing this fort which were later used to run the British out of Boston
Bunker Hill
British victory but did demonstrate the Patriots would fight bravely in an organized battle, boosted Patriot confidence
The Patriots are defeated soundly by the British and turned back from trying to capture Canada, large losses for the Patriots
New York
Washington's army has many casualties in a defeat from the British but are lucky to escape New York when a storm blows in and allows them to escape
Washington is able to defeat the Hessians in a surprise attack before many Patriots enlistments expire, inspires the Patriots to continue to fight
Turning point of the war, following this victory the French and Spanish officially become allies of the United States in the war
Kings Mountain
Much needed victory for the Patriots after a string of
defeats, stopped Cornwallis from advancing into North Carolina and energizes the Patriots in the south
This Patriot victory is the turning point for the Revolutionary War in the south, demonstrated the Patriots could defeat the British in the south with equal resources
Final significant battle of the Revolutionary War, General Cornwallis surrenders his British army to Washington