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  1. British goods
  2. 9,000/4000
  3. 1766
  4. Sons & Daughters Liberty; taxes taxes
  5. March 5, 1770

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  1. What did the colonists do because of the Townshend Act?i. Colonists boycotted British goods
    ii. Stopped drinking British tea
    iii. Refused to paint houses


  2. What did the Committees of Correspondence do?i. Spread information between colonies more quickly
    ii. Asked other members to protest British policies


  3. Spun own _________and wove own _______so didn't need to buy British goodstaxation; representation


  4. Who was Patrick Henry?1767 tax on imports


  5. What happened during the Boston Massacre?i. Heated arguments between colonists and soldiers
    ii. Shots were fired and 5 colonists died - Crispus Attucks was one